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when was your last vent cleaning?

Your dryer vents gradually fill up with lint and debris overtime, and the longer you go between cleanings, the more issues you’re bound to face because of it. Unfortunately, many don’t give their dryer vents much thought, assuming any issues with the dryer’s efficiency are due to the unit itself.

If it’s been over a year since your last cleaning, be sure to reach out to our techs today.

why are dryer vent cleanings important?

What happens if cleanings are put off? First thing first, you’re bound to notice inefficiency. You’ll be forced to run your dryer multiple times to get your clothes dry, which puts wear on the machine and on your clothes – and ups your energy bills too. 

Along with this, clogged vents affect safe venting, which increases your likelihood of experiencing dryer fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

why hire a pro?

If you do some research, you might notice DIY vent cleaning kits on the market. These are not recommended. One wrong move could damage your ducts, and it’s likely you’ll miss important areas too – especially if your vent has curves and tight bends. This means you’ll have spent money on the kit, while still being at risk for fire hazards, gas leaks, and inefficiency.

Your safest and smartest bet is to take advantage of our deal, guaranteeing professional care, free of charge. Call the qualified techs at Lords Chimney today.

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