Leak Repairs

Count on Lords Chimney for waterproofing, flashing repairs, crown rebuilds, and more!

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   Dan Coombs
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The technician arrived on time and fully prepared to work. He inspected and diagnosed the problem quickly and proposed a good solution which was scheduled for the following day. The experience and the materials used gave me a lot of confidence. I would recommend this group highly.

Crown Repairs or Chase Cover Installation

We offer crown repair services for masonry chimneys or, if you have a prefabricated system, we can install a reliable chase cover.

All too often, these components fail due to poor installation or from being built from unreliable materials, but we have the tools and products to set you up right. Once we’re through, you’ll have that long-lasting protection your system deserves.

Chimney crown before - Lords Chimney
Chimney crown after - Lords Chimney
Chimney flashing repair - Lords Chimney
Chimney flashing installation - Lords Chimney

Flashing Repairs & Installation

Worried water will enter that vulnerable spot where your roof meets up with your chimney? Call us in to take a look at your current flashing or to install new flashing if yours is missing or damaged.

Helpful tip: If you’re already spotting water stains on the walls and ceiling surrounding your chimney and fireplace, your flashing is the likely culprit. Call us right away, so we can help.

Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney caps serve a handful of helpful purposes.

1. Keep water and excess moisture out of your flue.
2. Keep raccoons, squirrels, birds, and the like out of your chimney.
3. Prevent downdrafts from swooping through your living room.
4. Serve as spark arrestors, so stray sparks don’t land on your roof.
5. Keep any flying debris, like leaves, twigs, and more out of your chimney.

Invest in yours to save yourself time, stress, and money.

Chimney tech installing new chimney cap - Lords Chimney
Tech installing chimney cap - Lords Chimney
Aerial shot of new chimney caps on chimneys - Lords Chimney
Lords chimney tech cleaning chimney - Lords Chimney


Waterproofing your masonry chimney and your chimney crown prevents your system from absorbing moisture water and breaking down.

Bricks and mortar are absorbent like a sponge and, unless protected, will soak up water which will then cause your structure to deteriorate.

Once waterproofing products are applied, any water will simply bead up and roll off, keeping your masonry better protected for the long haul.

Tuckpointing Services

Has your mortar already started to crack and crumble? Then, tuckpointing services will be in order.

Book with us, and our techs can remove any old and damaged mortar, then replace it with new mortar that matches the old in color and composition. Once through, your system will look good as new – as if no damage had occurred in the first place.

Cutting brick mortar - Lords chimney
Lee standing next to chimney on roof - Lords Chimney

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