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Storm Damage: The Dangers it Brings to Your Home

Hurricanes and storms are common for the Houston area, but these bring two weather dangers that can wreak havoc on your home, specifically your chimney. 

High Winds + Water = Detoriation & Extensive Damage

High Winds Cause…

  • damaged and ripped flashing
  • broken or missing chimney caps or chase pans
  • broken or missing bricks
  • or in the most cases a completely destroyed chimney and roof

It’s important that all parts of the chimney are in tact to work properly and protect from extenssive water damage. When water enters the system you may have even more costly repairs. 

Water Damage can Cause…

  • staining on ceilings and walls around the chimney
  • decaying of exterior mortar
  • rust 
  • collapsed chimney structure

Waiting on Repairs is Costing You Money

If your chimney is in need of repairs, waiting to schedule the service will only worsen the damages, and also increase the cost. Not only do damages reduce the efficiency of your system, but they can also lead to house fires caused by heat tranferring to the walls, carbon monoxide leaks, unsightly, flaking brick and mortar, and water damage.

I had a great experience with Lee who came out for a chimney inspection.
Top notch professional. It was a pleasure, many thanks!

Mike, local homeowner

Professional workers who not only clean but inspect your chimney. I am very happy to have called. Reasonable rates and best money spent to ensure safety.
Fidel, local homeowner