Chimney & Fireplace Troubleshooting – Whatever Your Problem, We Can Find It & Fix It!

Have a good feeling that something is not right with your chimney but not sure what the problem could be? Sometimes a “sick” fireplace does not present any symptoms of being in disrepair—which is why an annual inspection is necessary to check for hidden dangers—but other times there are some pretty surefire signs that your chimney and/or heating appliance are not operating as safely or efficiently as they should. Some of the issues that our customers identify most often include ventilation and draft problems, smelly fireplaces, smoky fireplaces,and animals inside the chimney. Only a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professional will be able to properly inspect, diagnose, and treat your sick chimney, but the following are a few signs that immediate attention is needed:

Ventilation And Draft Problems: Are you having problems with stove draft or smoky backup? Our chimney professionals can help you solve your chimney’s ventilation and drafting problems. We commonly find that these problems can be attributed to improper flue sizing, improper stovepipe sizing or configuration, flue blockage, air intrusion into the flue, insufficient chimney height, or mechanical depressurization. Sometimes a routine cleaning will do the trick; other times we may recommend updating a piece of equipment on your chimney or adding a ventilation fan. Read more on our page about ventilation and draft problems.

Smelly Fireplaces: Though some people find that musty fireplace smell charming, the truth is that your fireplace and chimney should not have much of an odor at all. In fact, if you’re smelling a musty or burnt smell, especially when it rains or is humid, it’s probably a good indication that there’s negative air pressure inside your home that’s causing your chimney to draw in outside air, as well as the smell of creosote and ash deposits inside your chimney. Read more on our page about smelly fireplaces.

Fireplace Smokes: If smoke or soot is getting into your house, it may be that your damper isn’t opening all the way and may need to be replaced with a top-sealing damper. Or a routine cleaning, which removes built-up creosote and improves draft, could do just the trick. Read more on our page about smoky fireplaces.

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Removing animals and their nests from your chimney is no job for amateurs. You will definitely want to depend on experienced chimney and fireplace service crews from Lords Chimney for this specialized task.