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The Anatomy Of Your Chimney

Chimneys are complex structures, and it takes time and training to learn about their various parts. Chimney professionals that are CSIA trained and certified (like the staff at Lords Chimney) know all of the ins and outs of every system they come across. That’s why hiring these certified technicians for an inspection every single year is so important! You can then rest easy, knowing you won’t come across any surprises during your next burning season.

Anatomy Of Your Chimney - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyThat being said, it is wise to learn some of the more basic parts of your chimney This is so you can diagnose common issues that may eventually occur. Learn more about these parts below. Do you fear you need repairs? Call on Lords Chimney right away, so that your chimney will get fixed up right and stand strong for years to come!


There are two common types of dampers: throat dampers and top sealing dampers. In general, dampers are used to keep out some nasty elements and unwanted critters from entering your home through your chimney. They also are able to open, so that smoke and other toxins can easily escape when you go to light a fire.

Generally, top sealing dampers are more recommended for modern fireplace systems. Throat dampers can do an effective job, but often become rusted and fail to properly function. Top sealing dampers block off your chimney with a rubber seal. In addition, they are installed at the top of the flue. This is so that animals and other debris won’t be able to settle in your chimney when it’s not in use.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps also serve a really important function. They block downdrafts, keep out animals, and help to eliminate water exposure/damage. They also prevent debris from entering and clogging up your flue. Chimney caps even keep sparks from escaping the chimney and landing on your roof or adjacent woodwork.

The best part is, they’re inexpensive and quick to install – invest in yours today!


A liner is what seals the inner lining of your chimney. Your fireplace can produce some pretty strong flames and intense heat. Unfortunately, both of which can put a lot of wear and tear on your chimney – and fast! Without a liner, mortar will melt, bricks will crack, and your entire lining will become a lot more vulnerable overall. Not to mention, flames will have easier access to the rest of your home, which puts your family at risk.

Chimney liners are completely necessary and running your fireplace without one will do a lot of harm. Not to mention, cost you a lot in damages down the line. Don’t add any more stress to your holiday seasons. Call in a professional, so you know that everything is good to go before you light up your first fire!

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Now Is The Time To Schedule Your Annual Chimney Appointment

Don’t have that chimney inspection on your calendar yet? Call the experts at Lords Chimney right away! Inspections play a vital role in ensuring your fireplace stays in great condition and safer for use all year long. We want your system to be ready to go when the holidays come around – give us a call now!

Your Annual Chimney Appointment Image - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyYou Deserve Convenience

Managing a household (no matter your family size) can be a stressful job! It seems like there are always things going on and, with the holidays coming soon, life is only going to get more hectic. Amidst it all, we know it can be a challenge to fit in your yearly chimney inspection.

That’s why we urge you to schedule now! We want to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible and, by getting in early, you save yourself the hassle of finding a slot during our fall rush. Get the appointment time that works best for you by giving us a call right away!

Get That Fireplace Running

When the time comes for holiday get together’s and family gatherings, you want your fireplace to be ready to go! By getting your maintenance done now, you know everything will be all set when you go to light that first fire. We would hate to see you call to make an appointment, only to discover the next available slot is after your big party or event. In addition, running a fireplace that hasn’t been thoroughly checked over is never a safe option!

Ensure that your guests, friends, and family stay as safe and comfortable as possible by getting your inspection in now. There’d be nothing worse than firing things up only to face smoke back-up or nasty odors. That would definitely put a damper on things fast! Not to mention, built up creosote can be extremely flammable. Play it safe – give us a call right away!

What To Expect

When it comes to providing you with quality service, the staff at Lords Chimney goes above and beyond. We implement all of the proper footwear and coverings, so that your home stays clean and damage-free throughout our entire inspection process. We will use top of the line equipment to search every nook and cranny and, should you need a cleaning, we’ll get that covered, too!

And don’t worry about a mess. We’ll clean up everything, so your home will look just as good as it did before our arrival. For customer service that can’t be beat, you can count on us!

Also, should we note any necessary repairs, we will offer sound advice as far as proceeding forward. With our long list of tools and services, we are certain we can assist you no matter what, and we will be happy to get your next appointment scheduled right away. Give us a call now!