We Also Specialize In Dryer Vent Services

Just as your chimney system needs regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance, so does your dryer vent system. Like the chimney, the dryer vent works to contain and remove hazardous fumes and gases from your home. When neglected, dryer vents can become clogged with lint and even nesting materials from animals that have made their way into the system. As this debris builds up within the system, air flow is restricted and the system is unable to function as efficiently and safely as it was designed to. If you haven’t had your dryer vent inspected and cleaned recently, be sure to contact us! We specialize in dryer vent cleaning services, and can even install or re-route your venting system. Whatever your dryer vent needs, give Lords Chimney a call!
Dryer Vent Services - expandable dryer vent

Dryer Vent Re-Routing & Installation

In the past, dryers were traditionally installed right up against an exterior wall of the home, and vents had very little distance to travel to the outside. In many new home constructions, however, it has become commonplace to install washers and dryers against an interior wall (i.e. in a bedroom closet). Although this can be incredibly convenient for the homeowner, it is not always good for the dryer vent system. In many cases, these vents are traveling great distances to the outside, turning corners and inclines that are not conducive to air flow. Not only do these corners and inclines often cause issues with air flow, they also tend to accumulate much more lint and debris than short, straight venting systems. Additionally, because of the great distance they often must travel, long, winding dryer vents are more likely to have loose duct work that can leak dangerous gases and high heat into other areas of the home. If you have a dryer that was installed against an interior wall and are having problems with your dryer system, it’s likely that you need to have your system re-routed. The experts at Lords Chimney Sweep have a comprehensive understanding of air flow and venting systems, and can provide a professional installation that will leave you with a safer, more efficient system. If you’d like to know more about our dryer vent re-routing and installation services, please click here!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Dirty dryer vents can cause all sorts of problems, from appliance inefficiency to carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires. You may think that cleaning out your lint trap is good enough, but the truth is, the lint trap contains only a small fraction of the lint produced with each dry cycle. Because lint is highly combustible and can significantly reduce air flow within your venting system, your dryer will have to work a lot harder and at much higher temperatures. Not only is this hard on your appliance and your clothes, it is a potential fire and health hazard. If you haven’t had your dryer vents inspected and cleaned lately, be sure to give us a call! We can keep your appliance working as efficiently and as safely as possible! For more information on our dryer vent cleaning services and the signs that your system may need cleaning, please click here!

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