Enhance Your Home With A Fireplace Replacement Or Facelift

Does your home have a fireplace that’s been damaged by Mother Nature or time? Are you wanting to remove your worn-out prefabricated fireplace and have it replaced with something newer, warmer, and more energy-efficient? Though we are big fans of how economical and easy to use prefab fireplaces are, the truth is that their lifespan is far shorter than that of masonry fireplaces, so it may very well be time for you to have a fireplace replacement installed.

You can trust that our chimney technicians will remove your old fireplace very carefully, with plenty of consideration for how we will reassemble your trim work and mantel after we have removed your chimney flue and installed or built a new fireplace for you.

Fireplace Replacement Options:

Lords Chimney can provide you with the best fireplace for your home, family, and budget. When selecting the right fireplace, there are a wide range of considerations to make regarding warmth and efficiency, expense, design, construction, and how much value you want to add to your home. We’re happy to consult with you about the fireplace of your dreams and will do our best to build or order it for you and then install it safely and quickly.

Facelifts-gas fireplace update with black chimney box surrounded by light colored brick and gas fire no logs
  • Masonry Fireplaces: We love to build beautiful, traditional fireplaces of brick (or stone) and mortar, using both modern and ancient practices to ensure that your chimney and fireplace will last a lifetime.
  • Factory-Built Fireplaces: Made of lightweight metal, factory-built fireplaces come as complete sets—with a firebox, whole chimney system, and various other components. They’re guaranteed to run at optimum efficiency and have high safety ratings when professionally installed. Plus, having one of these installed takes far less time and costs far less than it would cost you to have a masonry fireplace and chimney built.
  • Fireplace Inserts: Our fireplace inserts can give new life to your existing masonry or factory-built fireplace opening, and allow you to choose from diverse fuel options—wood, gas, or pellet. They are also a great source of clean-burning and efficient heat.
  • Gas Fireplaces: Gas fireplaces will give you the look of a real wood fire, but appeal to a lot of people because they’re so easy to use and maintain. Most are operated by remote control.
  • New Mantels: Is your fireplace functioning just fine, but your mantel has seen better days? We can show you a variety of new mantel options—from custom- to factory-made.

Live in the greater Houston area? If you need to have your fireplace replaced, repaired, or updated, we can give you a free estimate for the work. Reach Lords Chimney at 281-497-4000, or use our easy appointment request form!


An annual chimney inspection will uncover chimney problems while they are still small and less expensive to repair. The skilled pros at Lords Chimney can provide this service for your chimney and fireplace to help keep you and your family safe and sound