Restore Your Clay Tile Liner With HeatShield®

If your existing chimney flue is in bad shape, oftentimes we can repair it without needing to reline your entire chimney. Having your chimney flue lined and free of gaps, cracks, and spalling is an integral part of an efficient and properly-functioning chimney. You can read more about chimney liners here. However, the cost of a complete relining is not always necessary—nor is the construction mess that can be created by having all of your old clay tiles removed prior to relining. By using a specially formulated product called HeatShield®, we can restore the integrity of your chimney’s flue so that it serves as an efficient way to vent hazardous gases from your home. HeatShield® is also environmentally friendly—made from recycled and naturally occurring materials—and comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Lords Chimney have the only technicians certified to install Heatshield® in the whole Houston area. We are a name you can trust!

Depending on the issues a chimney inspection uncovers, we may elect to use one of two HeatShield® methods for repairing the interior of your chimney. By the way, our chimney technicians can show you photos and/or video of exactly what the problem inside your chimney looks like. Our closed-circuit cameras mean you don’t have to just take our word for it when there’s a problem. We’ll also be able to use our camera to show you exactly where we’ve repaired your chimney after we’re done.

Heatshield joint repair application of missing mortar between tiles and gaps repaired.

Joint Repair Application

Heatshield resurfacing missing mortar between tiles, spalling, cracking and gaps.

Resurfacing Application

Here are the two HeatShield® methods we use:

If your chimney joints need repairing… HeatShield®’s Joint Repair system is perfect for tile-lined chimneys with defective mortar joints. To apply this sealant, we use a special foam applicator that’s custom-fit to your chimney. Using this tool we fill each gap in your chimney with the HeatShield® sealant mixture and then smooth it over with a blade. We then photo scan the area we’ve repaired and show it to you to verify the repairs of all gaps or voids.

If your chimney flue needs resurfacing… HeatShield®’s resurfacing system is great for chimneys with flues that are cracked or spalled. To resurface a chimney, we first remove any remaining dust with a “tie coat,” which also acts as a primer. We then apply a quarter-inch coat of HeatShield® over the entire chimney flue. Afterwards, we use cameras to verify the repairs and to show you your fully restored chimney.

Have you been told that your clay tile flue needs relining? Let us tell you more about HeatShield®. Reach Lords Chimney at 281-497-4000, or contact us online!


A stainless steel liner may be the best choice for your chimney relining needs, so ask us about this quality option today.