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The feeling we get when we sit in front of a home fire is one of the best. There’s just something about the way the warmth touches our cheeks that makes us smile without even trying, bringing us back to the present moment and the things that really matter – spending time in the company of the ones we love most.

However, as it is in so many other areas of life, in order to reap the benefits, you must first sow the seeds. And when it comes to enjoying your fireplace after a long day, it’s absolutely crucial to stay on top of preventive and regular maintenance services. After all, the majority of the chimney’s structure is hidden within the walls, far away from where you might be able to assess any damage or deterioration.

Take the chimney liner. Utterly vital when it comes to suitable operation and  efficient performance, it can be virtually impossible to know when your system is in need of a relining repair service.

Fortunately, if you’re a homeowner in the greater Houston or Beaumont area, Lords Chimney is the local expert on all things fireplace and chimney. In business for two decades now, our talented team of chimney technicians is highly trained, certified under the best institutions in the industry, and has years of professional experience, so you know that any service we provide will be a job well-done.

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Are There Different Methods To Relining a Chimney?

When it comes to the necessary service of chimney relining, perhaps our most asked question is about the available options – and if one is superior to the other. The truth is that while only comparable in terms of the protection and reinforcement they provide the chimney flue, both of our options for chimney relining and repair are vastly different, but equally excellent.

As to which one will work best for your chimney system will depend on what type of chimney you have: traditional brick masonry or prefab. Fortunately, no matter the type of system you have (or the existing damage), we will have no problem performing a chimney relining on your system.

Here at Lords Chimney, we only utilize products that we believe to be the best – both in terms of longevity and system protection. That’s why we offer stainless steel liners and HeatShield® repair as chimney relining options and services.

Is Stainless Steel a Good Option for Chimney Relining?

Absolutely. In fact, as far as chimney liner materials go, stainless steel is one of the best. Generally speaking, when it comes to those chimney parts that are constructed from metal, the usual options are between aluminum and stainless steel. With regard to a liner replacement, both have the ability to be formed into a semi-flexible tube that is installed through the top of the flue that runs all the way down to the top of the firebox.

While aluminum is a bit cheaper, it’s also a softer, weaker metal, which is why at Lords Chimney, we won’t even install it. Compared to stainless steel, its longevity and overall protective properties are less than impressive and, as such, can require more maintenance – and even another replacement service – rather quickly.

Stainless steel chimney liners, on the other hand, are excellent. Available in a variety of different grades and alloys, they are quite versatile – meaning that as long as the alloy is an appropriate match for the fuel type of the system, it will be a long-lasting chimney liner option.

Keep in mind, the specific grade of stainless steel is important because different fuel combustions create different byproducts, and the last thing you want is to install the wrong one for your system. Otherwise, the acids present in the smoke could erode and eat right through the liner, bringing you right back to where you started.

For this reason – and many others – it is important to always contact a professional when the time comes to start looking into your chimney relining options. When you call Lords Chimney, you’re sure to have the job done right and efficiently the first time. Request an appointment with us today, or give us a call at 281-497-4000 to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team.

Heatshield resurfacing missing mortar between tiles, spalling, cracking and gaps.
Heatshield joint repair application of missing mortar between tiles and gaps repaired.

What Is HeatShield® Repair for Chimneys?

More of a repair solution as opposed to an actual liner replacement or relining, HeatShield® is a uniquely created material made from a combination of high-fire ceramic and heat-resistant refractory cement. Only available for terracotta-lined masonry chimney systems, HeatShield® is a restorative solution that has three different application methods depending on the severity of sustained damage.

Here at Lords Chimney, we pride ourselves on our wide range of relining and repair solutions for Houston homeowners with a variety of needs. As Certified HeatShield® Installers, we are happy to offer the full range of HeatShield® products and application services: Joint Repair, Resurfacing, and CeCure Sleeve Relining.

  • Joint Repair: The most basic of the three, the HeatShield® Joint Repair is intended for those systems with crumbling and damaged mortar joints, but are otherwise structurally intact. Thanks to a special tool designed to the exact dimensions of your chimney flue, we apply the patented “Cerfractory” material to every crack, gap, or separation found between flue tiles.
  • Resurfacing: Next in line, for those liners that may have seen a bit more than your average wear and tear damage – think cracks and fractures found in the actual tiles themselves – the Resurfacing application is the best bet. Similar to the previous service, this method is a bit more involved as it requires an initial material to remove any existing dust or other debris before the HeatShield® sealant can be applied throughout the entirety of the flue – not just where there is damage or between the tiles. This service wraps up with the help of a camera that ensures everything is smooth and seamless.
  • CeCure Sleeve Relining: By far the most intense HeatShield® repair service, the CeCure Relining process involves the same steps as the first two in terms of the preparation. We then install a thin, stainless steel-inforced, customized panel that is sandwiched between the HeatShield® “Cerfractory” material. Like the Resurfacing option, the last step is a camera sweep to make sure everything went well. This service is reserved for those liners that have really taken a beating or in a chimney that has no liner.

How Do I Know If HeatShield® Is a Relining Option for My Chimney?

Unfortunately, you don’t. Even if you’re a self-made chimney aficionado, without the consultation of a professional chimney technician, it’s rather difficult to know if HeatShield® is a viable option.

For instance, while we know that this product is only able to repair traditional brick chimneys that sport the commonly classic terracotta liner, that doesn’t mean that every single clay-lined system is a candidate. There are certain requirements that the damage has to meet in order to qualify for HeatShield®. Long story short… it’s not as cut and dried as it may seem.

However, if you have a terracotta liner (or are unsure of the liner, but know your system is brick), you might be able to have your system restored and repaired with HeatShield®. Set up an appointment with us and we’d be happy to speak with you about your relining options. You can reach us by phone at 281-497-4000, or right here on our website.

Why Should I Trust a Professional for My Chimney Relining Needs?

It should go without saying, but chimneys are very dangerous appliances. When you think about the fact that they are designed to contain a living, breathing fire inside of your home, it’s really no wonder that there is a lot of science and expertise involved to ensure proper (and safe) performance.

Even if you fancy yourself a “DIY” expert and have taken on all of your other home improvement or maintenance obligations, we would never suggest anyone to attempt a chimney relining – or any other fireplace or chimney-related – service. It may seem like you’re saving money and boosting self confidence in the short term, but the truth is that if done incorrectly, it’s possible you could end up spending even more in the future. Plus, wouldn’t you rather have someone else do that hard and dirty work for you?

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