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If your chimney is lacking a lining or your current liner is looking worse for wear, then speak to the experts at Lords Chimney about why you should partner with us for our impeccable chimney lining or relining services.  There are a number of benefits to having your chimney lined or relined, and we’re here to outline all of them for you! So what are you waiting for? Contact one of the most reliable chimney companies proudly serving clients throughout the region!

Why Should You Have Your Chimney Lined or Relined?

It may come as no surprise that all chimney safety organizations recommend that a chimney have a lining. This is because chimney liners:

  • Protect your home from fire hazards due to improper heat transfer
  • Help prevent creosote and other byproducts of combustion wearing away your brick or mortar
  • Help prevent against carbon monoxide from developing and putting families at risk
  • Create a tight, sealed fit within flues
  • Allows combustion byproducts to safely and effectively filter out of homes

At Lords Chimney, our chimney lining and relining services are made simple. Call us today at 281-607-0045 to meet with one of our chimney pros who can go into further detail about all of the benefits of our chimney liners.

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Thank you for inspecting our fireplace yesterday. The service was performed courteously, thoroughly, efficiently, and on time - all much appreciated!
~ Stacy C.

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