Add To Your Fireplace Enjoyment With Beautiful, Realistic-Looking Peterson Real Fyre Gas Log Sets

Here at Lords Chimney, we are proud to offer our customers the whole line of Peterson Real Fyre logs—both vented and vent-free sets. For over fifty years, the RH Peterson brand has been manufacturing quality fireplace products; today they have a reputation for providing the highest level of craftsmanship and customer care. Their incredibly versatile logs allow you to choose either natural gas or liquid propane, and can be ignited easily, either manually or by remote. Whether you’re in the market for vent-free or vented log sets, Peterson Real Fyre gas logs are sure to please.

Peterson Vent Free Gas Log Set with photo

Peterson Vent-Free Log Set

Peterson Vent Free Log Set with fire and gravel at the bottom.

Peterson Vent-Free Log Set

Peterson Vented Log Set teepee style standing logs with fire

Peterson Vented Log Set

Peterson Vented Gas Log Set with using birch wood with charring on two front logs.

Peterson Vented Log Set

The RH Peterson company keeps its focus on bringing families together for special moments and—because they believe that there’s nothing like a real fire—endeavor to make gas logs that give the closest possible approximation to a real wood fire. The artisans who craft Peterson’s Real Fyre logs look to real wood samples and work to recreate intricate details like bark and the natural coloration of charred wood. However, Peterson Real Fyre gas logs are friendlier to the environment than burning wood, which releases more pollutants into the air. We think you’ll love the way these logs perform and look.

Read on to find out the difference between vented and vent-free logs:

Peterson Real Fyre Vent-Free Gas Logs

Peterson’s Vent-Free Collection of gas log sets provides you with the beauty and warmth of a wood fire but won’t require that you vent your fireplace. These hand-crafted logs come in a variety of styles; have active natural flames and glowing embers; and 99% heating efficiency. Increased efficiency means these sets operate using less gas, which will save you money on energy costs. The vent-free logs are ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-certified for use with natural or propane gas, and all of the logs in this collection are equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor, among other controls designed to make use of these logs as safe and simple as possible. The Real-Fyre Vent-Free Collection is approved for use in a solid-fuel burning fireplace, certain universal approved vent-free fireplaces, and specifically approved vent-free fireplaces.

Peterson Real Fyre Vented Gas Logs

Available in more than 40 authentic styles, Real-Fyre vented gas logs are hand-painted for the ultimate real wood fire look. They are truly the most realistic gas logs we’ve ever seen, thanks to their active natural flames and realistic-looking glowing embers. RH Peterson’s vented Real-Fyre gas logs are operated with the use of an open chimney flue or damper. These logs look and act more realistic than the vent-free logs, but they may not provide as much heat.

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