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It’s pretty common for us to stay on top of maintaining our cars and chimneys, but professional dryer duct cleaning is a relatively new safety precaution that homeowners are advised to take. That’s not because dryers are more dangerous than they once were but because more research has been done on the common causes of house fires. In 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 7,000 house fires between 2006 and 2008 could be traced back to clothes dryers. In addition, the placement of dryers in the home has changed over the years. Dryers were once installed almost exclusively along exterior walls, but they are now more often situated in the center of the house, meaning the ductwork is lengthier, there’s more room for lint to build up, and the lint and heat has to travel farther to get out of your house. This also makes it more difficult for homeowners to clean out their own dryer ducts. If you have a newer home, you are especially encouraged to have your dryer duct professionally cleaned.

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Before - lint approximately one inch thick inside vent-little room for airflow

Dryer Vent Cleaning – Before

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Looking down into vent after cleaning hot water heater in background

Dryer Vent Cleaning – After

Over time, dryer ducts can become choked with impacted lint, which is highly flammable. The angle and length of the vent as well as the number of curves it has can affect how much lint collects. This lint build-up also hampers your dryer’s ability to exhaust hot air, so that your dryer begins to run less efficiently. A poorly venting dryer system can also leak dangerous carbon monoxide back into your home, which can cause all sorts of health problems and even lead to organ damage or death.

Most dryer manufacturers now recommend that you have your dryer professionally cleaned once a year. Though you can certainly help prevent some lint build-up by cleaning your dryer vent out after each load, by vacuuming regularly behind and around your dryer, and by using your hose attachment to vacuum out as much lint as possible from inside your duct, only a certified dryer vent technician will have the special tools and know-how to clean your duct from start to termination.

4 Signs Your Dryer Exhaust Vent May Be Obstructed

1. Your clothes are damp after a full dry cycle
2. Your laundry smells moldy
3. Your clothes feel too hot or your dryer feels too hot to the touch
4. Your clothes take longer than normal to dry, requiring more than one full cycle

Simply put, lint-clogged dryer vents reduce the effectiveness of your dryer and sometimes cause fires. Dryer vent cleaning can prevent this. If your dryer has worked fine for years, but more recently must run more than one cycle to dry your clothes, it may be a sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned.

Our technicians are trained to service dryer vents, and they’ll also be able to check your connections to make sure that your dryer is installed correctly. We have video cameras we can use as well, if we need a better look inside of the vent, and even use gauges to evaluate airflow both before and after the cleaning, so you can see the difference right away. We bet you’ll be surprised by how much lint one of our technicians will find in there. Call Lords Chimney today, and check this home maintenance task off your to-do list so that you no longer have to wonder if your dryer duct is hiding a fire hazard or compromising the health of your family.

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Your dryer vents must be properly installed in order for them to perform safely and efficiently. At Lords Chimney, we have qualified personnel who can perform this dryer vent service to keep you and your family safe and sound.