Optimize The Efficiency & Safety Of Your Dryer Vent System With Our Installation or Re-Routing Services

Like the chimney system, the dryer venting system requires proper design and adequate air flow in order to function properly. In the past, most dryers were installed up against an exterior wall of the home, which meant the venting systems only had to travel a short distance in order to dispose of gases, heat and lint. However, modern constructions have focused more on homeowner convenience than on dryer vent efficiency and safety. That’s why so many newer homes have washers and dryers located on an interior wall of a bedroom closet or master bathroom. Although this can take some of the burden off of the chore-doer, it often puts a larger burden on the dryer appliance and venting system. You see, as these dryers are conveniently installed in bedrooms and closets, they require a much longer venting system in order to reach the outside. In many cases, these venting systems must wind and ascend and descend several times in their course through the home. Not only are these long, winding systems non-conducive to proper air flow, they tend to provide lots of nooks and crannies for lint to accumulate, and are more likely to have loose duct work over time.

Because air flow is often reduced in these long venting systems, hot air, lint and carbon monoxide tend to take much longer to exit the home. In many cases, this leads to greater lint buildup, which further hinders air flow and creates a potential fire hazard. This restriction and reduction of air flow also forces the appliance to work much harder and at hotter temperatures in order to fully dry your clothes. Not only can this lead to a shorter appliance life, it is also much harder on your clothes.  And because many dryer vents are installed with simple duct tape, high heat and moisture from an over-worked dryer can cause the tape to come loose. Loose duct work means that hot air, gases and debris can escape the venting system and enter other areas of your home. You can also expect to have higher energy bills with a poorly designed and installed dryer vent system.

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If your dryer is located on an interior wall in your home, give Lords Chimney Sweep a call! We can inspect your duct work and make sure that the venting system is designed and installed properly, for maximum efficiency and safety. We guarantee all of our installation and re-routing work, and can even provide you with a roof or sidewall bird-proof termination. These bird-proof systems can help reduce fire risk by ensuring that birds don’t bring their flammable nest materials into your dryer vent system.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians, please call 281-497-4000 or click here!


Eliminate a major fire hazard in your home by having your dryer vents cleaned by the pros at Lords Chimney. You can’t afford to ignore this critical service for your dryer vent.