Protect Your Chimney From The Elements With A Quality Chimney Crown

Have you gotten word that your chimney’s crown needs to be repaired or rebuilt? Or do you just need to have one of our certified technicians out to have a look at it because you suspect that your chimney is leaking from the crown or elsewhere? Lords Chimney repairs cracks in your crown that can cause water leaks that destroy other parts of your fireplace and chimney. If necessary, we can completely rebuild or replace the crown.

Crumbling chimney crown with mold. Pool and lake in background.

Chimney Crown Repair – Before

Chimney crown repair completed.  Nice smooth mortar on crown.  Swimming pool and lake in background.

Chimney Crown Repair – After

Chimney crown crumbling and black with smoke damage on top of composition shingles

Chimney Crown Repair – Before

Beautiful new metal chimney crown and flashing where chimney meets roof.

Chimney Crown Repair – After

What Is A Chimney Crown?

We get this question a lot. It comes as a surprise to many people that modern chimneys actually have a number of components, both internally and externally, that function to keep a chimney venting properly and protected from the elements and other threats. The chimney crown is often confused with a chimney cap or a chase top, both of which you can read about in-depth on their respective pages here on our web site. A chimney crown is the mortar cap at the very top of your chimney that protects it from water, critters, and debris. A proper chimney crown should taper off at the edges so that water wicks down and away from your chimney and onto your roof.

What Purpose Does A Chimney Crown Serve?

First and foremost, it keeps water out of your chimney. This is very important because water inside your chimney can be extremely damaging to your home. Water is widely known as a chimney’s worst enemy, as it causes brick and mortar to degrade, chimney parts to rust, water damage to ceilings, floors, attics, etc., and causes unpleasant smells inside the chimney. If your chimney smells like a wet campfire that means something is not right.

What’s Wrong With My Chimney’s Crown?

If your chimney’s crown is in disrepair, it’s probably because the masonry has begun to crack or crumble. Because most chimney crowns are made of only a thin layer of mortar, this can happen relatively easily and quickly, especially in Houston, where the sun and humidity can be relentless. A cracked chimney crown can allow water to get in between your flue tiles and masonry, where it can damage and erode already-porous brick, causing all sorts of problems. Water damage via the chimney is to blame for many very expensive and inconvenient home repairs. And of course water damage leaves your chimney unsafe for use.

How Do I Know If There’s Something Wrong With My Chimney Crown?

Only a chimney professional will be able to tell you for sure where your leak originates, but some telltale signs that your chimney may be to blame are wet spots on your ceiling or a drip down your fireplace.

Why Not Just Fix My Cracked Chimney Crown Myself?

A solid and reliable chimney crown takes know-how, proper materials, and experience. A better idea is to have a Lords Chimney professional build a crown that will last for the life of your chimney. We have a decade of experience building and repairing chimney crowns. We build them thick and strong, and arch and bevel them so that they shed water away from your chimney.

CrownCoat – Equip Your Crown With A Line Of Defense!

It may be that your crown doesn’t need to be rebuilt, but simply needs a little extra protection from the elements. In this case, our technicians can apply a professional waterproofing product known as CrownCoat. This eco-friendly product was designed specifically for use on chimney crowns and carries a 15 year warranty when applied by a professional. Here in Houston, our chimneys take on a lot of rain – equip your chimney crown to better keep water out with CrownCoat! To find out more about the benefits of CrownCoat, please give us a call at 281-497-4000.

Live in the greater Houston area? If you suspect your chimney crown is damaged or your problem has anything to do with a chimney, consider it fixed. Reach Lords Chimney at 281-497-4000, or use our convenient appointment request form.


Restoring and repairing chimneys and fireplaces means we know how to repair and restore the firebox in your fireplace. Keep this hard-working component of your fireplace in top-notch shape by relying on Lords Chimney.