Lately, we have been getting a lot of calls about animal intrusion – chimney owners unfortunately face this problem a lot! Birds and other woodland creatures love to nest in chimneys because they offer warmth and protection that’s hard to find in the wild. To resolve any issues with these pesky critters, call on Lords Chimney today – we can help you out!

Why Animals Cause Problems

Having animals in your chimney system can lead to many issues down the line. First and foremost, their nesting materials cause blockages, which then cause poor ventilation. When it comes to running a fireplace, good ventilation is a key component in ensuring everything functions as it should. Once blockages form, you’ll face smoke backing up into your home, as well as other fumes and toxins.

Another problem occurs when animals find their way in, but can’t find their way out. This is an unfortunate circumstance that often leads to death of the creature. This then causes foul odors to creep into your home and can lead to pest infestation, as well. The best thing to do is prevent them from entering at all, so you can save yourself a bunch of hassle.

The last thing we would like to point out is the inability to remove certain types of birds. Chimney swifts, for example, are endangered, meaning we are not legally allowed to remove them until they officially abandon their nests for good. If one sets up camp in your chimney, you are stuck with them – and your fireplace will be out of use until they are gone.

How Can We Help?

Animal invasion is stressful, but we can make these problems go away fast! We work hard to provide you with the best tools necessary for preventing animal entry into your home and chimney. The best solution to this problem is having a chimney cap installed. Chimney caps are great for keeping animals out of your home and in the outdoors where they belong.

We also can help with any blockages or clogs that may have already formed. Call in our experts and we’ll clear out your system in no time. Lighting fires with these issues present puts your entire home at risk. You could face toxins backing up into your living room, and your chance of fire increase significantly. It’s not worth the risk – call us in today.

What Else Can We Do?

At Lords Chimney, we don’t just protect your home from animals. We also offer repair services, inspections, installations, product replacements, and lots more! If you’re ready to learn more, please visit us online today or feel free to call and speak with one of our helpful staff members.

We have a decade’s worth of experience in the field and we are trained and certified by the CSIA. Homeowners in this area have been counting on us since we started and continue to turn to us for all of the fireplace needs. We are the best around – give us a holler today!