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Do Chimney Swifts Belong In My Chimney?

So, you have chimney swifts in your chimney. The next questions may be, do they belong there and is it a big deal if they stick around? Chimney swifts may think your chimney is the perfect spot to set up camp, but the truth is that using a chimney that has chimney swifts and their nesting materials inside of it is unsafe for both you and the creatures themselves.

At Lords Chimney, we come across this issue from time to time, and we feel that it’s an important subject for our customers to understand. Learn more about these animals below, then keep reading to discover the best ways to keep them out of your chimney for good. Our expert team is ready to help you out!

What Is A Chimney Swift?

A chimney swift is a small bird that is known for its ability to stay in flight for extremely long periods of time. They’re typically darker in color with rounded heads, long and curved wings, and short beaks, tails, and necks. They eat all types of airborne insects and, as far as nesting and building homes, they favor steep, sheltered areas like hollow trees, caves, garages, air vents, and – you guessed it – chimneys.

Another thing to note about chimney swifts is that their population is in decline, which is why they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This means, once they settle in your chimney to raise young, there’s not a lot you can do about it. In fact, purposefully hurting these birds or removing a nest that may contain eggs or young could land you with some fines and/or penalties!

So, what can be done once a family of chimney swifts moves in? The truth is – nothing. All that is left to do at this point is wait until they migrate back down south, so you can remove their nesting materials and make your fireplace safer for regular use again. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the birds to come back to the same spot again year after year, so it’s important to take action now to ensure they can’t get into your chimney next spring.

Taking Preventative Action

One thing that can be done to keep chimney swifts, as well as other woodland critters, out of your chimney for good is to have a chimney cap installed. Chimney caps cover your flue opening, so that animals cannot enter your chimney to build nests and raise young. This benefits both you and the animals! Your home will be a lot safer and more comfortable, and the animals won’t get stuck with no way out again.

The great thing about chimney caps is that they provide plenty of other benefits, as well. They ensure excess moisture stays out of your chimney and help prevent downdrafts, so you’re not stuck with a smokey living space night after night. They’ll also stop sparks from escaping the chimney, so they don’t risk landing on your flammable roofing materials. Achieving peace of mind has never been easier!

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The Anatomy Of Your Chimney

Chimneys are complex structures, and it takes time and training to learn about their various parts. Chimney professionals that are CSIA trained and certified (like the staff at Lords Chimney) know all of the ins and outs of every system they come across. That’s why hiring these certified technicians for an inspection every single year is so important! You can then rest easy, knowing you won’t come across any surprises during your next burning season.

That being said, it is wise to learn some of the more basic parts of your chimney This is so you can diagnose common issues that may eventually occur. Learn more about these parts below. Do you fear you need repairs? Call on Lords Chimney right away, so that your chimney will get fixed up right and stand strong for years to come!


There are two common types of dampers: throat dampers and top sealing dampers. In general, dampers are used to keep out some nasty elements and unwanted critters from entering your home through your chimney. They also are able to open, so that smoke and other toxins can easily escape when you go to light a fire.

Generally, top sealing dampers are more recommended for modern fireplace systems. Throat dampers can do an effective job, but often become rusted and fail to properly function. Top sealing dampers block off your chimney with a rubber seal. In addition, they are installed at the top of the flue. This is so that animals and other debris won’t be able to settle in your chimney when it’s not in use.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps also serve a really important function. They block downdrafts, keep out animals, and help to eliminate water exposure/damage. They also prevent debris from entering and clogging up your flue. Chimney caps even keep sparks from escaping the chimney and landing on your roof or adjacent woodwork.

The best part is, they’re inexpensive and quick to install – invest in yours today!


A liner is what seals the inner lining of your chimney. Your fireplace can produce some pretty strong flames and intense heat. Unfortunately, both of which can put a lot of wear and tear on your chimney – and fast! Without a liner, mortar will melt, bricks will crack, and your entire lining will become a lot more vulnerable overall. Not to mention, flames will have easier access to the rest of your home, which puts your family at risk.

Chimney liners are completely necessary and running your fireplace without one will do a lot of harm. Not to mention, cost you a lot in damages down the line. Don’t add any more stress to your holiday seasons. Call in a professional, so you know that everything is good to go before you light up your first fire!

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Choosing A Chimney Cap

Operating a chimney without a chimney cap can trigger countless issues for your chimney and fireplace. If you are missing a chimney cap or if your chimney cap is broken, then the time to get a new one installed is now!

How To Choose

There are a few factors to take into account when picking out your new chimney cap.

Consider the following

  • Size: Ensuring that your cap is the appropriate size for your chimney is vital in ensuring it does its job properly. At Lords Chimney we can help you find the perfect cap for your needs!
  • Fireplace Type: Whether or not you have a prefabricated fireplace makes an enormous difference as far as what type of cap you need installed. We can help you find a cap that works for your specific type of fireplace.
  • Style: Looking for something to showcase your personal style or taste? We can customize a cap to fit it with any décor! We want you to be able to showcase your home, so it gains the attention it deserves. Call us now for more details and to learn what we can do for you.

Benefits of Chimney Caps

Choosing to go without a chimney cap causes lots of problems. Check just some of the many benefits you gain by having yours installed right away.

  • Moisture Control: Moisture and masonry? Not a good combination. Too much water exposure can mean bad news for your chimney over time. The brickwork will wear down, water damage will occur in your home, and mold and mildew could accumulate. Save yourself tons of hassle and repairs costs down the line by investing in a sturdy cap today.
  • Keeps Animals Away: Pesky woodland critters and birds love to nest in chimneys. If an animal enters and does not make it out, you’ll be faced with nasty odors and pest accumulation.
  • Prevent Fires: A chimney cap will stop any stray sparks or embers from escaping onto your roof and potentially creating a house fire. Keep your home protected by investing in a chimney cap today!
  • Ensure Good Air Flow: When leaves, twigs, and other materials get into your chimney, they can cause blockages that lead to smoke back-up and poor air circulation. On top of this, a home without a cap invites downdrafts, which also causes a lot of problems with air flow. Keep everything consistent and say good-bye to debris build up now – give a call and we can help.

Any more questions? No problem! The staff at Lords Chimney is standing by, ready to help you out with any and all of your chimney and fireplace needs. Check out our long list of services below, then give us a call today! You won’t regret choosing us!