Just imagine: you descend the pristine steps of a centuries-old castle into the flickering glow of firelight. Flames dance in an ornate fireplace hidden away in a tower room, but the light bounces off the stone walls beckoning you inside. Or maybe you’re exploring subterranean caves and come across one with the evidence of a once magnificent hearth. You carefully spark a fire and the walls come alive with drawings and depictions of time gone by – carvings preserved for eternity.

Fireplaces have long been considered the heart of homes, but some defy traditional norms and create unexpected and enchanting atmospheres. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most remarkable – and unique – fireplace locations around the world. And if you’re feeling particularly inspired, we’ve included a list of unusual spots in your home you might consider for a brand new hearth.

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How Crazy Can Cozy Get? Check Out Some of the Wildest Fireplace Locations Around the World

As if a roaring fire elegantly placed in a living room isn’t cozy enough, people across the globe have gotten creative with their fireplace placement. From beaches to boats, rainforests to rugged retreats, here are some of the craziest ways people enjoy the unparalleled beauty of fire:

  • Boats. Somewhat counterintuitive, large boats and luxury yachts occasionally feature gorgeous fireplaces for guests to enjoy. Once needed for heating purposes, nowadays, if a boat does have a hearth, it’s likely ornately decorated and a celebrated attraction. 
  • Underwater Hotels. Speaking of water, imagine booking a stay several dozen feet below the waves. Unique in its own right, some underwater hotels are even equipped with fireplaces so guests can experience the views of marine life right next to the warmth and comfort of a fire.
  • Treehouses. Though fire and trees don’t usually go together, when done well, the result is breathtaking bliss. Treehouses are climbing in popularity as a unique place to stay all over the world. And no matter where it is, if that treehouse features a stunning fireplace, the whole experience is elevated even higher.
  • Caves & Underground Homes. Found in many regions of the world, people have carved homes into the rocky sides of mountains and walls of stone – sometimes even underground. Such a rustic dwelling is certainly not complete without a classic fireplace to enhance the ambience and create an unforgettably cozy experience.
  • Desert Camps. No luxury trip to the desert is complete without a perfect outdoor fireplace to accompany it. Few things in life are better than time spent away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to gaze at the stars…especially when basking in the cozy warmth of a gorgeous, roaring fire.

What’s even more crazy? Narrowing down all the insane, beautiful, and strange fireplace locations to only five! It just goes to show that the human spirit is unmatched in creativity and innovation.

What Are Some Unusual Spots To Install a Fireplace in a Home?

Speaking of innovation, has this post sparked some ideas of unconventional fireplace placement in your home? Intrigued by the thought, but not quite sure where to begin? Here are some creative locations you might not have thought of for your next fireplace:

original infographic showing unique places to put a fireplace
  • Bathrooms. A bathroom might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think “fireplace,” but adding one to your bathroom adds a spa-like level of luxury to your everyday life. Enjoy a hot bath with the sounds of crackling in the background? Yes, please.
  • Bedrooms. Once commonplace in homes everywhere, fireplaces are not usually found in many bedrooms these days. But, with the advent of so many different units and models, adding a fireplace to your bedroom can take relaxation to a whole new level.
  • Kitchen. Similarly, kitchens of old used to have a central hearth to bring folks together and warm the home. And while it’s been some time since the kitchen has been equipped with a glowing fireplace, modern concepts are bringing that tradition back.
  • Hallway or Entryway: Placing a fireplace in the hallway or entryway provides a warm welcome to guests and adds a unique architectural feature to the home. It creates an inviting first impression and a cozy transition between spaces; a real win-win for you and your guests.
  • Library, Home Office, or Den. Some things are simply better together: peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, books and a cozy fireplace…you get the idea! Whether it’s a home office or a bit more of a library, consider installing a fireplace to create your own bookish oasis.

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