When Lightning Strikes Your Chimney

Has lightning struck your home recently? Then you may be wondering where you stand in terms of chimney care. If you’ve looked your system over and don’t see anything alarming, you may think you’re good to go, but this isn’t typically the case. Because chimneys are usually the highest point of the home, it’s common for them to experience some damage, so having a professional look things over is essential.

Already had a roofer or mason check it out? You may not be out of the woods yet. Unfortunately, these experts aren’t the ones you’ll want to trust when it comes to your chimney (especially the interior). They’ll likely look over the outer areas of your home, note the condition of parts that are easily accessible, and then be on their way.

Unfortunately, fixing only the outside of your home and chimney doesn’t solve the problem. If there’s damage inside, your household will still be at risk, and it doesn’t do you any favors in terms of getting necessary insurance coverage either.

All too often, homeowners miss out on necessary repairs because they didn’t invest in that professional and thorough inspection from a CSIA-certified chimney professional. If this is the position you find yourself in, the time to reach out to us is now. Learn more about what the helpful team here at Lords Chimney can do for you.

All About Our Level 2 Inspections

At Lords Chimney, we provide in-depth level 2 inspections, ensuring your system is taken care of no matter what. A level 2 inspection includes the use of high-quality camera equipment that we snake up the flue to get the best possible look at your chimney’s interior [https://www.csia.org/inspections.html].

A level 2 inspection will give your adjuster a clear picture of what you need moving forward. With the help of our cameras and our experienced crew, they’ll be able to correctly assess the damage you’re facing, ensuring you have everything you need to patch things up correctly.

Trust us – your adjuster wants to help you out! Hire us to assist, so they can get the most accurate information possible.

When else is a level 2 inspection recommended? Essentially after any natural disaster. These might include hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, and the like. They’re also required when buying/selling property, after chimney fires, or after investing in any major renovations or reconstruction work.

Not a Direct Hit?

Sometimes we hear from homeowners who experienced a lightning strike somewhere other than their chimney. If it was another part of the house that was hit and the chimney seems fine, is an inspection really necessary?

Short answer? Yes! Anytime lightning strikes any area of your home, scheduling a chimney inspection is recommended. Lightning doesn’t have to hit directly to cause damage, and many times those areas that are well-concealed and rarely thought of (like your chimney flue) are the ones in most need of extensive repair work. Don’t take any chances, and get that inspection scheduled as soon as you can.

What Happens if I Avoid Care?

We get it. Scheduling maintenance is never a fun or exciting chore, and it may feel like the easier route to just put chimney care on the back burner for now. Yet, if you know damage may have occurred, avoiding a professional inspection could put your loved ones in harm’s way, which is why we so strongly urge homeowners to make that call to our team.

One of the things that could occur during a lightning strike is a chimney fire. If your flue has higher levels of creosote, it wouldn’t be unusual for things to ignite after that bolt of lightning hits. And many times chimney fires are quiet events that go unnoticed, which means your system could be suffering without you even realizing it!

If a chimney fire didn’t occur, you could still experience damage that puts your home at risk. Interior damage causes holes, cracks, and gaps to form throughout your liner, which then leads to dangerous fumes (smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.) entering your home.

Along with this, your chances of experiencing a house fire will increase significantly. When your liner is compromised, the heat and flames from your fires will have direct access to your walls and woodwork. It doesn’t take long for these flammable materials to catch on fire once they get hot enough, and once those flames get going they’re hard to stop.

In the end, it’s well worth taking a few extra precautions to ensure your home is well taken care of. You’ll avoid expensive, time-consuming home repairs, and there’s no putting a price on your family’s safety.

We’re on Your Side!

When catastrophe strikes your home, you need someone on your side who will ensure you’re taken care of. When it comes to working with insurance companies, it can feel like an uphill battle to get the appropriate coverage you need to move forward. That’s why we want to help make things easier.

When you rely on Lords Chimney, you can rest easy knowing we have the tools and knowledge necessary to give you the most in-depth and accurate assessment possible. And when it comes to repairs, we’ve got you covered there, too! Play it safer and get the care you deserve by relying on our crew every step of the way. We’re just a phone call away.

Lightning Strikes & Your Chimney

Thunderstorms are common in the United States with over 100,000 occurring every single year, and here in Texas, we are especially prone to experience them. Now, when lightning strikes one’s home, it typically hits the highest point on the structure, which is almost always the chimney. As you can imagine, this can lead to a lot of issues. Learn more about these below so that you are prepared should something of this nature occur, then count on our team to help you out. We are eager to have your back!

Beware Of Fireslightning striking house chimney

First things first, get the fire department on the phone if lightning strikes your chimney. There’s a lot of heat in one bolt of lightning, and it could easily spark a fire, especially if your flue is filled with creosote. Even if you don’t see any flames or smoke, it’s important to have professionals from the fire department check things over to ensure that no threats are present. Keep in mind that chimney fires are not always loud, obvious events – you could be experiencing one and not even know it!

There could also be a fire growing in your attic, in which case you’ll want the proper authorities on the case as soon as possible. It’s always safer to let qualified firemen and firewomen do a thorough inspection of your property, rather than look for signs of fire yourself. When it comes to the wellbeing of your home and family take every possible precaution is always the better bet!

Have A Chimney Expert Check For Damages

After you know that there is no threat of experiencing a house fire, the next step is to make an appointment for a chimney inspection. When hiring a chimney company, make certain the staff are CSIA certified sweeps and that they have positive reviews on various websites. Involvement with other organizations like the NFI and the NCSG also says a lot about their dedication to education. Doing a little research can take you far and ensure you get the most accurate assessment possible.

Here at Lord’s Chimney, we use high-quality products, as well as the latest techniques and technologies, and we pride ourselves on our experience, our education, and our integrity. We would love the opportunity to prove ourselves to you, so reach out today to schedule an appointment, especially if you’re concerned about the state of your structure!

Why is an inspection important, especially after a lightning strike? Damages of any type weaken your masonry significantly, and the intense heat from a bolt of lightning will cause countless spots to experience issues. Your metal components could warp or come undone, brickwork could become dislodged, your mortar may crumble, and your liner will likely become especially vulnerable.

All in all, any problems need to be resolved before lighting any fires. Failing to address damages can lead to water damage, gas leaks, smoke exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning, house/chimney fires, a chimney collapse, and more. It’s not worth taking any chances, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of your loved ones. Gain the peace of mind you deserve by scheduling an inspection with our knowledgeable team of professionals right away.

Lightning Struck, But My Structure Seems Fine… Should I Still Call?

If you know lightning struck your structure, but a quick overview reveals that nothing seems to be damaged, you may be thinking you’re off the hook. This is not the case! Hidden damages are still likely lurking. In fact, most of the time, the most serious issues are lying within the chimney and can only be discovered with the help of camera equipment and a trained eye.

When it comes to your fireplace, you never want to take any chances. Risking a fire when issues are still present can turn a cozy evening indoors into a disaster in no time, and the threats involved could wind up being fatal. Play it safe, and guarantee you and your loved ones the best holiday season yet by calling in our crew to look things over today. We would love to set you up!

Will My Insurance Help Me Out?

Now, it’s an unfortunate fact that the services required after lightning strikes your chimney are often expensive. Picking up the pieces after a chimney fire, for example, requires a lot of time-consuming work, and if you need to replace your flashing, chimney cap, and more, that will add up quickly, too. Because of this, it is definitely worth looking into your insurance policy to see if they will help cover the costs.

A lot of insurance policies cover damages from lightning strikes, but you’ll have to speak with your insurance company to find out their specific guidelines. This is one extra step that could save you a lot of stress, especially in a time of year when extra funds are typically necessary.

Staying Prepared

Above all, the crew here at Lords Chimney wants our customer base to stay as safe as possible. If you have any concerns about the state of your chimney or fireplace, please reach out today to get an inspection in the books! Along with this, keep informed on weather-related threats, and make certain you are taking necessary precautions should a severe thunderstorm be on its way. It’s always best to play it safe!

Ready to work with our highly-ranked experts? Great. Call now, and we can get something set up.