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Masonry Fireplace vs Factory-Built

gas fireplace A masonry fireplace is built into your home’s existing structure, and it offers a classic and timeless aesthetic for your home. They are heavy, sturdy structures, so once they are in, they are there to stay. If you want an option that stands the test of time and a true focal point in your living space, then this is a good route to take.

However, they are typically more expensive to put in, and it will take a long time too. Once it is done, you will have a system that could bring countless enjoyable evenings. Did you know fireplaces also increase the value of your home? So it will likely sell a lot quicker when you decide to move. All in all, a masonry-built fireplace is a great option.

If you are looking for something less expensive and permanent, then a factory-built fireplace is a better option for you. They come as a complete set, and when installed correctly by a CSIA certified professional, it can last for many years. They will likely need to be replaced eventually, but this is the perfect scenario for someone who isn’t sure or want to fully commit to a masonry fireplace.

Fireplace Inserts vs. Gas Options

Another great option that many homeowners are investing nowadays is the fireplace insert. If you already have a factory-built or masonry fireplace, but you are wanting to change fuel types or upgrade to a more efficient unit, then an insert is the way to go. They are especially ideal for someone who might want to turn a wood-burning masonry fireplace into a gas-fueled one.

Many homeowners have been investing in gas options. Because gas is highly efficient, better for the environment, and it is extremely easy to use. Homeowners are more likely to invest in a gas unit nowadays. With a gas unit, you just flip a switch and you’ve got a fire! There is simply no beating the convenience of gas. We even offer gas logs, so you’ll get that realistic look you are hoping for in a wood-burning appliance.

We Are Eager To Help You Out!

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