When asked about the condition of their chimney, many homeowners look things over and quickly assume everything is fine. Unfortunately, most repair work is not very obvious. This means a quick glance by someone who’s not trained won’t offer much insight. Yet, there are steps you can take to ensure everything is running smoothly before the fall burning season kicks off.

Schedule An Inspection

Does Your Chimney Need Extensive Repair Work - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyFirst, you’ll need an chimney inspection. Our sweeps are CSIA certified and trained, so you can rest easy knowing your chimney is in good hands. Our professionals have the skills and experiences to fully examine and diagnose your chimney. At Lord’s Chimney, we use special video scanning equipment to thoroughly get a close up look of every inch of your chimney.

The CSIA recommends investing in an annually chimney inspection, and now is a great time. In addition, if repairs or sweepings are necessary, it gives our professionals plenty of time to get your fireplace back to working condition. Often times, the materials we use for repair and restoration need time to properly cure.

Now it’s the perfect time to schedule an inspection since fall is our busy season. We are fairly busy in the fall, and we would hate to see you without a fireplace this fall and winter. Call us now to get started on your chimney inspections and repairs.

Avoid Further Damages

Scheduling early is always a good idea for avoiding the rush! Any damage your chimney is experiencing now will only get worse the longer you put off repair work. This puts your home and family at serious risk, so let our professionals help you now! Water damage is one of the worst kind of damage to your chimney. As moisture seeps into your brickwork and mortar, materials break down rapidly, increasing the potential of your chimney for a settlement or collapse.

There are lots of ways to prevent water damage to your chimney. Let us check your flashing, chimney cap, and chimney crown to ensure your fireplace is safe for use. Then, we can apply waterproofing to your chimney for even more protection.

Another issue we come across is excessive creosote buildup. Creosote and other debris can easily break down your chimney. It’s known to cause clogs, which can trigger gas leaks, smoke backup, and carbon monoxide. In addition, more creosote in your fireplace means higher risk of a chimney fire.

Call The Professionals

When it comes to the well being of your family,  it’s not worth taking any chances. Call our team at 281-497-4000 today to restore the function and beauty of your chimney!