We’ve all heard a spooky story that starts, “It was a dark and stormy night…” That sentence often starts scary stories because darkness can be…well…scary. Darkness creates hazards that we aren’t ready for. 

a lit white candle held up to a fuse box in the darkTo combat the dark, we have created a lot of things that provide us light – even in dark places. Walk into a dark room, flip a switch, and suddenly you can see everything. Even, the average neighborhood provides pedestrians enough light to take walks at night along well-lit sidewalks and streets. Light is everywhere and it provides us safety.

But what happens when the light goes out? Lords Chimney knows that electricity isn’t always a guarantee. Power outages can happen suddenly and without warning, and when they do we find ourselves plunged into a dark world…and that dark and stormy night goes from a scary story to a scary and dangerous situation.

Knowing what to do when the lights go out is important for maintaining the safety of your home and the people living in it. That’s why Lords Chimney wants to provide you with some tips and tricks to staying safe when the power goes out. And if you need chimney sweep and fireplace repair services, don’t hesitate to count on us.

Find New Light Sources

Let’s face it – we all leave things lying around the house sometimes…and when the lights go out those things can be disastrous. It’s hard enough not to step on your kid’s jagged LEGO bricks when you can see. Remove the lights and your floors become a minefield of clothing, toys, your latest online purchase, books, pet beds, throw pillows, and whatever else can trip you up.

Simply put, seemingly innocuous things in the light suddenly become hazards waiting to take your feet out from under you and send you into a wall when it’s dark.

Not all light requires power that comes from the electric grid, however! Quickly get light into your hands and into your living spaces. Lighting a fire in your fireplace or wood stove provides light to your whole living space. It also has the added benefit of providing a little warmth on those chillier southeastern Texas nights.

In addition to a fire, get battery operated flashlights into the hands of anyone who needs to be walking around your home. Even a candle can provide some light in a pinch!

Lords Chimney has a team of technicians that will help you maintain your fireplace, wood stove, and chimney system, so that it’s always ready for such a time as this. Having your system ready to go has so many advantages (even when there are no issues with power to your home), but when the power goes out, the light, warmth, comfort, and safety a fireplace provides makes it one of the most important tools in your belt.

Get Connected

Establishing communication with anyone you can will help you as you navigate what steps you are going to take during the power outage. Talking to your neighbors will help you figure out whether your home is the only one experiencing the problem or if the issue is community wide.

Using your charged up cellular service can provide you with access to outside sources that can help forecast the extent of the problem and even how long it might last. In extreme cases, having access to a radio can allow you to continue to communicate with people, pool resources and information, and give and receive help when needs arise.

Prepare Ahead of Time

The best way to make sure you take the right steps after a power outage is to make sure you are ready before the power outage takes place. While it doesn’t happen often, it isn’t abnormal for the power to go out at times. Having a few things ready for such an occasion will only offer benefits. Here’s what we suggest always having on-hand:

  • someone warming their feet by a fireplace while reading a bookFlashlights & Batteries: As mentioned earlier, flashlights or battery-powered lanterns are essential for providing light during a power outage. Ensure you have enough batteries to keep these devices operational.
  • First Aid Kit: A well-stocked first aid kit is a must-have in any emergency situation. Include basic medical supplies, such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any prescription medications you or your family members may need.
  • Non-Perishable Food & Water: Keep a supply of non-perishable food items, such as canned goods, granola bars, and dried fruits. Additionally, have enough bottled water to last for at least three days. If you have a fireplace, consider stocking up on easy-to-cook meals that can be prepared using its heat.
  • Blankets & Warm Clothing: Without electricity, your home may become colder than usual. Have blankets, sleeping bags, and warm clothing available to help retain body heat and stay comfortable.
  • Portable Phone Chargers: Maintain communication with the outside world by having a portable phone charger. These devices can be powered by batteries, solar energy, or hand-cranking, providing a reliable source of energy for your mobile devices.
  • Entertainment: To stave off boredom during a power outage, especially if it lasts for an extended period of time, have books, board games, or other forms of entertainment on hand. Keeping your mind engaged can help alleviate stress.

Equipped with these things and a ready to use fireplace or wood stove will put you in a great position to wait out the next power outage that comes your way.

Lords Chimney Is Here To Help

At Lords Chimney, our team of experts can help you with any of your home heating appliance needs – from installing a new fireplace or wood stove to cleaning and maintaining your chimney systems. Call us today and allow us to help you make sure your home is ready to provide you with all the light and warmth you will need to make that dark and stormy night not so dark and not so scary. You can also reach out to us online!