Chimneys are strong, sturdy structures, but only when they are properly maintained. If deterioration and damage start to occur, you could wind up facing a lot of issues. Your system won’t function as efficiently and you put your home and family at risk, should a settlement or collapse eventually occur.

Knowing what to look for, as far as masonry damage, is important to know and it could save you a lot of time, money, stress, and hassle down the line. Read below so you can spot the signs before things get any worse!

Water Damage

Once water gets absorbed into your brickwork, your entire structure becomes vulnerable. Your masonry will wear down fast, and things won’t hold together as firmly as they did before the damage occurred. A long list of issues will start to arise, some of which includes rot, rust, stains, clogs, decay, bad odors, and deterioration. Keep an eye out for those things, as they are clear signs that water has started causing trouble throughout your chimney.

Once you spot these problems, call on Lords Chimney, and we will fix up your system. We can replace any rusted parts, clear out clogs, patch up any spots that are falling apart, and more! And once we’re done with that, you can invest in our waterproofing services. Our strong products combined with our years’ worth of experience will give you the protection you’re looking for.

Crumbling Mortar

Another common issue in masonry chimneys is crumbling mortar. Your chimney faces a lot throughout time. Bad weather, neglect, and age are all factors that contribute to your mortar wearing down and weakening, which eventually leads to inefficiency, leaks, and overall deterioration.

If you’ve noticed that your mortar is in bad shape, we can help you out. Our tuckpointing service consists of removing the old, damaged mortar and replacing it with new materials. It sounds simple enough, but this is actually a delicate and intricate process. We are CSIA trained to use the right products for your specific needs, so that your new mortar will blend right in and look good as new.

Cracks & Holes

Finally, keep an eye out any for cracks and/or holes throughout the brickwork itself. There are lots of reasons why these may occur. It could be due to bad storms or water damage. Or maybe your chimney hasn’t been inspected for a while. No matter the cause, we can provide a solution! We will not only repair your chimney, but can ensure it stays protected for years to come.

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