Did you know that using properly seasoned firewood can make a huge difference in the wellbeing of your chimney? It may not seem important which logs you throw on those flames, but the truth is that it matters a lot! Not only is it bad for your liner and brickwork, but it makes your fires less productive, too! Get the experience you deserve from your fireplace by burning only seasoned wood this holiday season.

Learn more about the importance of seasoned firewood below. Be sure to depend on Lords Chimney for all of your fireplace and chimney needs!

Avoiding Excess Smoke

Unseasoned wood uses up more energy, causing your fire to smoke. When wood is originally chopped, there is a lot of moisture inside of it still, and it takes some time for the log to properly dry out. When fresh wood is used in a fireplace, the flames are forced to use up a ton of energy burning through all that extra water. This triggers smoke to build up and pour out into your living room, quickly turning a cozy evening in into a disaster.

Smoke in your home is also an issue when it comes to the health of loved ones. Toxins and fumes from your fireplace should never be inhaled, and they could trigger some serious illnesses. Along with this, smoke stinks up your home and getting that unpleasant smell out of your furniture, carpet, and curtains will definitely take up some valuable time and money.

Lowering Creosote Accumulation

Burning unseasoned firewood triggers a more rapid accumulation of creosote, too. Creosote forms as fires burn in your chimney and, when there’s a lot of it, you face some serious risks. Too much creosote can easily cause a chimney fire to form, meaning you’ll be spending a lot of time and money on necessary repair jobs. If you have been burning unseasoned wood, make sure you’re investing in more inspections and cleanings each year, so that you can avoid a chimney fire at all costs.

Experiencing More Efficiency

When you burn fresher wood, you’ll also experience less heat output from your fire, which isn’t good when you’re trying to save money on your monthly heating bills. While winters aren’t typically too harsh around here, that doesn’t mean we don’t experience lower temperatures. Many invest in a fireplace so that they have a better, more cost-effective way to heat their home when things get cool.

Unfortunately, unseasoned wood won’t get you that warmth you’re looking for. We believe you deserve to get the most from your fireplace… invest in seasoned wood every time, so that your system runs as efficiently as possible.

Picking Seasoned Firewood

It’s easy to make sure you’re picking the best fuel for your fires this holiday season. Look for logs that are lightweight, dark and split at the ends, and that makes a hollow sound when hit together. These surefire signs indicate that the wood has been adequately dried out, and your fires will burn much better going forward.

For more information, turn to our professional and helpful staff today. The CSIA certified techs at Lords Chimney can’t wait to help you out soon!