There’s no doubt that gas fireplaces are the ideal pick for someone with a busy lifestyle. They are extremely easy to use, they produce a lot of heat, and they don’t require much cleanup. All you do is flip a switch, and you’ve got yourself a cozy place to relax at the end of the day!

Many assume that because gas fireplaces burn cleaner and require less upkeep, they don’t need as much professional attention as their wood-burning counterparts. This is not the case! Gas fireplaces need regular check-ups, too. They also need to be cleaned and swept from time to time, too.

Learn more about why these steps are so important in keeping your household safer, warmer, and more comfortable year after year by reading below. Then, call on us for advice, answers, and unbeatable customer service! At Lords Chimney, we’ve got your back!

Benefits Of Professional Care

By investing in regular professional care, you guarantee the best results from your gas fireplace. For one thing, you’ll avoid excess build-up. Just because you aren’t burning wood, doesn’t mean debris doesn’t accumulate, and it needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis to ensure things run smoothly. Putting this maintenance off will result in clogs and deterioration, both of which trigger poor air flow and gas leaks.

When you get an expert’s eye on the job, they can also spot any necessary repairs. If cracks and holes are present, you’re much more likely to come into contact with some toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide. This gas is nearly impossible to detect, and it can be fatal if not treated right away. Lower your risk of exposure by having a professional inspect your system on a regular basis, and be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, too!

With the help of a pro, you can ensure safer and more efficient functioning with every passing season. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made and, trust us when we say, that it’s the right move for saving money down the line. It’s always better to pay for affordable fixes sooner, rather than intricate and expensive ones later. You’ll save time, money, and a whole lot of stress! Call us in right away.

Schedule An Inspection

So, what’s one way of ensuring things run smoothly year after year? Schedule an annual inspection! Most homeowners use their fireplace a lot more near the end of the year, when the holiday season is in full swing, so schedule an inspection sometime before your burning period begins each year to guarantee optimal efficiency.

At Lords Chimney, our CSIA certified team has everything necessary to get the job done right! Count on us to for all your chimney and fireplace care. Our team won’t let you down!