Are you considering a new look for your living space? Then, perhaps a new fireplace is in order! Whether you’re replacing an existing unit or buying your first system, the team at Lords Chimney is here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve helped countless homeowners throughout the area turn their visions into a reality, and we can help you out, too! Talk with our CSIA certified crew today!

When picking a fireplace model for a home, choosing the perfect one can be a challenge. One option we offer is a modular masonry fireplace by FireRock. These fireplaces give homeowners that classic look and feel they’re aiming for without the extensive work typically involved in building a masonry fireplace. Learn more below, then give us a call with any questions. We’re here to serve you!

What Is A Modular Masonry Fireplace?

When we discuss modular masonry fireplaces we’re referring to a type of fireplace kit. You will gain the unique look that only masonry designs can offer, but the kit can be put together on-site in a timely and more efficient manner, so that you will be up and running in no time! And when it comes to these types of fireplace kits, trust us when we say that FireRock is the brand you want to rely on!

Flexible Design Options & Efficient Functioning

The great part about these units is the wide range of size and style options you can choose from. Don’t think for a second that you will be limited when it comes to picking out your perfect match! If you have a specific vision in mind, we are certain we can work together to find just what you are looking for. You can easily explore your choices online or feel free to give our team a call to discuss options. We’ll be here for you every step of the way!

Spring Time Is The Right Time For Installation Work

It’s no secret that fireplace usage goes up around the holidays and, with Thanksgiving and Christmas well behind us, many homeowners are cleaning things up and shutting the fireplace down for the next few months. If this sounds like you, then now is the best time to call us in for any work you need done!

Since we get busier throughout fall and winter, we encourage you to schedule your appointment with us today. Installing a modular masonry fireplace takes less time than a traditional masonry fireplace, but we’ll still need a couple days to get the job done. You’ll be able to easily find a time slot that works great with your schedule, and we won’t be taking up valuable time from your burning season since your fireplace is out of use anyway. Once that festive spirit comes back around this fall and winter, you’re fireplace will be primed and ready to set the mood for every occasion!

While we’re at it, let us know of any repair or reconstruction work you need done. We’ll knock it all out, so you’re back to normal in no time. Give us a call now!