Fireplace Grate Image - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyAs a homeowner, you likely know the importance of regular fireplace maintenance and upkeep. There are various steps you can to improve your chimney’s health. Scheduling an annual inspection and cleaning with a professional is a must, and you will want to ensure all necessary repairs are addressed in a timely manner.

There are also accessories you can acquire that improve the overall functionality of your chimney and fireplace. One thing we recommend purchasing is a fireplace grate.

The Role of Your Fireplace Grate

If you are wondering what a fireplace grate is and how it helps everything run more efficiently, then you are not alone!

These products are placed inside the mouth of the fireplace and hold the wood you intend to burn. Not only does this keep your fuel firmly in place, but it keeps it off the fireplace floor, as well. This helps your burn stronger fires and puts less wear and tear on your fireplace, as a whole. Learn more below!

  • Better Air Flow: The way air flows through your chimney can make a huge difference for multiple factors. First of all, your fires will be easier to start. Once they get going, they will burn hotter and more efficiently as the air will be able to circulate underneath them. Lastly, because of the great air flow you gain, the smoke and other toxins will be sure to escape up and out of the chimney, rather than back into your home.
  • Protects Fireplace Floor: Fireplaces are durable, but that does not mean they will not break down over time. Minimizing wear and tear as much as possible will keep your chimney strong for years to come and reduces the need for costly repairs. A fireplace grate will protect your chimney floor by keeping that intense heat off of it.
  • Keeps Fuel In Place: Those who have experience lighting fires know what happens when the bottom logs burn up – the entire stack shifts. This not only opens the door for hot logs rolling out, but calls for readjustment on the part of the homeowner, as well. A fireplace grate will keep all of your wood secured in one spot, eliminating the need to mess with a hot fire. Stay out of harm’s way by investing in a fireplace grate today.

If you have decided that this is the right investment for you, then remember that the heavier the grate, the better off you will be. A sturdy grate, made of stainless steel or cast iron, will be your best bet and will last much longer than the lighter weight options. It will be well worth the extra costs when you have a product that can stand the test of time.

Lords Chimney has all of the chimney and fireplace accessories you need to keep your fireplace looking great and staying strong. Check out our products today and feel free to call with any questions. Thanks for choosing us!