Uh-oh. Is smoke stinking up your living room? If you and your family members come face-to-face with smoke back-up every time you try to run your fireplace, then there is something likely prohibiting proper draft and air flow. This is uncomfortable and can pose some health risks, as well. Along with this, poor drafting can increase the likelihood of experiencing carbon monoxide exposure. All in all, it’s an issue that needs to be resolved before kicking off your next burning period.

Let us help you out, so you don’t have to stress this upcoming holiday season. The CSIA certified team at Lords Chimney can troubleshoot your chimney woes and get you back to where you need to be in a hurry. Give us a call today!

Clogs & Build UpFire wood burn in a fireplace

Sometimes a homeowner experiences draft and air floe issues because their chimney is simply too dirty. Creosote may have built up or perhaps birds or other critters have dragged in sticks and other nesting materials. Or it could just be that bad weather has blown in a lot of outside debris. No matter the case, a sweeping is necessary.

If clogs are the problem, then we can have your drafting issues resolved in no time. A thorough and in-depth cleaning will ensure anything blocking the smoke’s pathway out of your chimney is cleared out. Once we’re done, you can enjoy countless cozy fires evening after evening. Sound idyllic after a long day? Then, get in touch with us right away!

Damages & Poor Construction

In other cases, poor air flow is caused by some type of damage within the system. If you’re facing leaks or if there is cracking and crumbling throughout the structure, your chimney simply won’t be able to vent as efficiently.

Along with this, improper construction plays a large role in your chimney’s ability to guide out necessary vapors. Your system may have been built incorrectly to begin with, in which case, we would need to set up a time to do some reconstruction work. Whether your chimney is too tall, too short, too small, or too big, we can find the right solution for you, so you don’t have to deal with these problems ever again.

Do You Need A New Damper?

Sometimes drafting issues are due to something complicated like structural damage or an incorrect firebox size, but other times it’s as simple as replacing your damper! Having our team come in and inspect your entire system is always the best bet when dealing with draft and air flow issues, and it helps homeowners avoid jumping the gun and investing in big repair jobs when a simple replacement part was all that was needed.

Let us install a top-sealing damper for your system as soon as possible. These newer models work more efficiently than throat dampers, and they’ll provide you with the tight seal you’re looking for to keep out any cooler temps that may come our way.

No matter what, Lords Chimney is here to help. Work with the best and schedule an appointment with our team now.