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5 Tips For Preventing House Fires

It is an unfortunate fact that thousands of house fires occur every single year in the United States. These disasters leads to countless injuries, multiple deaths, and millions of dollars worth of damage.fire That being said, many of these were entirely preventable, meaning you can take steps towards preventing them from occurring in your home.

Ready to learn more? Read below. Then, count on the team at Lords Chimney to handle your fireplace, chimney, and venting maintenance, ensuring you stay as safe as possible in the years ahead.

Schedule A Dryer Vent Cleaning

If your dryer vents are clogged up and filled with debris, it won’t be long before things overheat. As you can imagine, when the high temperatures produced by the appliance combine with your flammable lint, a fire could easily ignite. An annual cleaning will ensure your system stays free of lint build up, and it should guarantee a better functioning appliance, too. It’s a win-win!

Be Vigilant

Leaving things like candles and fireplace fires unattended can increase your risk of fire significantly. It is also important to keep flammable items away from these things. We know how tempting it can be to decorate your mantle or place candles throughout your holiday decor, but these items can easily catch on fire before you even realize anything is wrong.

This is also goes for your cooking habits! Don’t leave pots, pans, or boiling water on a heated stove unless you are there to keep an eye on it. It only takes a second for something to go awry.

Invest In Smoke Detectors & Fire Extinguishers

Sometimes a fire will start, but can be stopped immediately with the appropriate preventative measures. Smoke detectors are known for preventing countless fires and for keeping homeowners and their families safer, as well. Along with this, a fire extinguisher can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing further damage. Invest in yours today!

Keep An Eye On Cords & Wiring

Frayed cords and wiring should always be repaired or replaced right away to decrease the chance of a fire starting. Also, never hide them under rugs, curtains, or furniture, as the heat from the electricity produced can cause harm, as well.

Invest In Annual Chimney Inspections

An annual chimney inspection is CSIA recommended, and it can make a big difference when it comes to operating a safer and more efficient fireplace. If you live in Houston or any of its surrounding areas, the team here at Lords Chimney can help you out! When you call us in, we can check for any flammable obstructions, such as birds nests or twigs, and we can look for excess creosote, too, which is known for triggering chimney fires.

Chimney inspections also allow us to spot chimney damages that could be putting your home at risk. Ready to get yours scheduled? Call our certified crew in today.

How To Dispose Of Fireplace Ash

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, then you’re no stranger to ash. If large amounts of ash are present in your fireplace, then it’s likely time to remove it. Ash can draw in moisture, causing rust throughout the fireplace, and it can have damaging effects on your fireplace grate, too. Along with this, a big pile of ash means less room in your firebox for fuel! It’s important to remove ash from time to time to ensure optimal performance from your fireplace.

That being said, ash should always be removed with the proper equipment and stored in a safe location to ensure your home and family stay safer throughout the burning season. Learn more about this process below, then count on us, the Lords Chimney team, to handle your fireplace repairs, inspections, sweepings, and more!

Invest In Good Tools

It’s important to set yourself up with appropriate tools before getting started. You’ll always want to use a metal scoop to remove the ash from your fireplace. Live embers can remain present for days in your ash pile, so it’s best to use tools that are non-flammable and that reduce any risk of injury.

The next thing you’ll need is a container to the put the ashes into. You’re best bet is investing in one meeting these specific guidelines:

– The bucket should be metal or another non-flammable material to minimize the risk of house fires.

– You’ll want to find a bucket. that’s bottom is slightly raised. If stray embers heat up again, it could cause some charring on your floor should the metal bottom be in contact with it

– The container should have a tight-sealing lid, so that no oxygen has access to your ash pile. Oxygen fuels fires, so a lid will ensure that nothing can be reignite while you wait for your ash pile to properly cool.

– Get a bucket with a strong handle to ensure safe and easy transportation.

Storing Safer

Once your bucket is full, store it on a non-flammable surface, such as metal, concrete, brick, or something similar. Wait at least a few days before doing anything else with the ash to avoid the risk of fire. By going through these quick and easy steps, you’ll be able to safely store your ash all season long!

It’s OK To Leave A Layer Behind

Keep in mind that leaving a small layer of ash (around 1 inch) behind throughout the burning season is okay, and it may actually help you out in the long run! This layer makes building future fires easier, and it helps maintain good heat, too. It also helps protect your firebox floor and discourages build up and debris accumulation. Finally, clear out the excess ash once you’re done with your fireplace for the year.

As always, be sure to turn to Lords Chimney for all your fireplace needs. We’re here to serve you!

Air Flow and Your Fireplace

The way air flows through your fireplace is a key component in whether or not it runs efficiently. Proper ventilation is vital for both chimney health and the health of people living within the home. If you find yourself facing issues, there are many reasons why your chimney may not be circulating air properly. Check out just some of these reasons below!

Air Flow and Your Fireplace - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyYour Chimney Is Dirty

A dirty chimney is a major cause for bad ventilation. Soot and other substances can accumulate quickly. Also, animals are known for dragging nesting materials and other items into chimneys. All of these things cause blockages which need to be taken care of before any fires are lit.

The consequences of running a dirty fireplace can be detrimental to the health of your chimney, your home, and your loved ones. If the toxins cannot escape, they turn around and enter your home. This means anyone inside is exposed to a variety of harmful gases and nasty fumes. On top of this, creosote and other flammable build-up could easily catch fire. This puts your family in danger and could cost you thousands in repairs.

Your Home Is Too Tight/Loose

The way your home is insulated can have a lot to do with ventilation, as well. While a well-insulated house may seem like a good thing, it can block the outside air from entering. Thus, it hinders your fireplace’s ability to run as efficiently. This affects how well your fires burn, and it could cause a build-up of carbon monoxide within the home too.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and very hard to detect, so be sure to install a detector for it today! Also, if you find that your home is too tight, try opening a window for a temporary fix. Do this until you can ask a certified sweep about a more permanent solution.

If you know your house is not too tight, then it may be too loose. If too much air is escaping your home, the current may overtake the air flow your chimney needs to function appropriately. Try to seal windows as tightly as possible to help maintain a better flow through your chimney.

Practice Safety

As stated above, be certain that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and working before lighting any fires. These devices are simple to set up and could make all the difference in ensuring your family is breathing in clean air. Also, smoke detectors often offer the first warning signs that your home is danger. They are known for saving lives, so get one installed today.

Another step in making your home safe and getting your fireplace ready for regular use is to hire an expert to do a thorough inspection and cleaning. Both of these tasks can have intricate processes and it is vital that the proper tools and chemicals are used to ensure the job is done right.

At Lords Chimney, we offer countless chimney and fireplace services, and we are more than happy to stop by and check things out. Contact us today, so that we can get you in before the holiday season begins!