Year after year, sales of gas log fireplaces continue to increase. Homeowners love that they are easy to use, efficient, and have significantly lower maintenance costs than wood burning heating appliances. However, despite the relatively small amount of upkeep gas logs require, they can be damaged or deteriorate over time.

While gas create a clean burning and efficient heat, it can be dangerous if not used correctly. One of the most common problems with gas logs occur when homeowners continue to use them if they are damaged. If this happens, call Lords Chimney; we fix gas logs!We Fix Gas Logs! - Houston TX - Lords Chimney

Gas log maintenance

Just like any other heating appliance, gas logs need regular upkeep and maintenance in order to keep working their best. Both the interior and exterior of the fireplace should be cleaned at least twice per year; doing this removes any dust or soot that may accumulate an impact gas log performance. When cleaning the inside of the gas log, use a clean, dry cloth or soft bristled paint brush. Care should be taken not to bump, move, or shift the gas log components as even movements as small as a few millimeters can impact performance.

In addition, the fireplace’s glass or metal exterior can be cleaned as often as needed to removes dust, handprints, or smudges. However, homeowners should try to use specialized cleaners as often as possible, even for the fireplace’s exterior; some commercial cleaners do not react well with the ambient heat from the fireplace.

For all gas log fireplaces, the user’s manual is one of the most invaluable resources a homeowner has. The manual will often have specific information on cleaning, operating, and maintaining your specific fireplace unit. If you think something is wrong with your gas log or have noticed a change in performance, your user’s manual may be able to provide you with troubleshooting questions or tips in order to help you identify the problem,

When do I need a chimney sweep?

While gas logs have much easier maintenance than other heating appliances, many homeowners are still surprised to learn that they still need to have their chimney swept each year! Gas logs can still suffer from the buildup of creosote – especially if they are not regularly swept; likewise, some high efficiency units are at higher risk for water condensation or incomplete combustion.

If at any time you begin to experience usage problems with your gas log, it is important to call a chimney sweep as soon as possible. Things like smoke production, an oddly colored flame, a strong gassy or smoky odor, or staining on your chimney’s exterior are all signs that your gas log may be experiencing a serious problem. If you experience these or any other unusual chimney symptoms, stop using your gas log immediately and call a chimney sweep.

With regular maintenance, your gas log can last for years to come. However, even regular maintenance doesn’t guarantee you won’t have a problem that needs professional attention. When you need your gas log fixed, contact Lords Chimney to have the job done right!