Spring is upon us bringing longer days, warmer weather, and, sometimes, lots of rain. With all that water hitting your roof, it’s a good idea to make sure your chimney is in tip-top shape and properly sealed so that water stays outside where it belongs.

At Lords Chimney we specialize in the care and maintenance of chimneys. We want to help homeowners keep their chimney standing strong, looking good, and functioning properly, which is why we urge customers in the Houston area to invest in professional waterproofing services with us. Call today to get started.

Why Is Waterproofing My Chimney Important?

heavy rainfall coming off of a slanted roofYour chimney is fully exposed to the weather and whatever precipitation may come with it. And through all this, it has two very important jobs it has to do. The first is to allow smoke and the byproducts from burning wood to exit your house safely, and the second is to keep water and other debris from getting into your house.

…which is why waterproofing your masonry is an important part of your chimney maintenance routine. It strengthens your brick and mortar and protects your chimney from natural processes that can destroy your masonry – and even work their way into your home.

How Can Water Damage My Chimney?

Although looking at brick and mortar might cause you to think that water would have little to no effect on such a sturdy and durable structure, the truth is quite the opposite. Masonry is full of tiny pores that absorb moisture. Little pockets of water can hide out in your brick and mortar for long periods of time, which then makes your chimney susceptible to damage.

If left unchecked, damage will continue until one day your chimney will be broken down and unsafe for use.

What Are Some Signs My Chimney Needs Waterproofing?

There are some things that can tip you off to the fact that your chimney needs to be sealed. The most obvious might be cracking and crumbling brick and mortar. If you notice that your masonry seems weakened, it’s time to call a professional to help you repair and waterproof your chimney.

Another thing to look for is efflorescence appearing on the outside of your chimney. Efflorescence shows up when deposits of salt are picked up by water within the brick and mortar of your chimney. As the water evaporates it leaves behind a white, chalky-looking residue. This is a sign that water is being absorbed by your masonry – and it needs to be waterproofed.

Finally, if you notice leaking within your fireplace or around your chimney it likely means that water is getting into your chimney where it shouldn’t. Don’t hesitate to call us at Lords Chimney, so we can help you locate the source of the leak, get it repaired, and waterproof your masonry before more costly damage is caused.

How Long Does Chimney Waterproofing Last?

water droplets on a bright green leafA thorough waterproofing job done by a professional with a high-grade vapor-permeable product can keep your chimney’s water defenses up for years. Most products, when professionally maintained, will stand strong for around ten years. However, that length of time gets drastically shorter when the job is done by someone inexperienced  with improper chemicals and equipment.

Can I Waterproof My Chimney Myself?

An amateur waterproofing job will vary in effectiveness, and if done before repairing weak spots in your chimney, it can be a very costly endeavor. Using vapor-permeable sealants is a necessary part of sealing your chimney, and these not always readily available in retail stores. Having the knowledge about what kind of treatment will work best on your specific masonry is a must.

Fortunately, Lord Chimney’s team of trained techs have the experience and know-how to get your job done right the first time, saving your money, time, and lots of stress.

Will Chimney Waterproofing Prevent All Water Damage to My Chimney?

Water can damage a chimney in a lot of ways, and often, damaged or improperly installed chimney caps and flashing can be culprits of letting water in. So, while waterproofing your chimney will protect the masonry and keep it strong, your chimney may have other weak spots through which water can find its way inside.

Long story short – it’s essential to cover all of your bases! Lords Chimney is trained to be able to spot these weak areas. Our team is fully equipped to notice small imperfections that can have a big impact on your chimney, and we can help you repair these imperfections, eliminate weak spots, and drive water away from your chimney – for good.

Trust Us for a Job Well Done

Lords Chimney can get the job done right and done efficiently. Our professionals will make sure you’re left with a chimney that is able to perform how it was meant, providing you with the warmth and joy that a fireplace is meant to bring – all while keeping water outside for the long haul. Call us today to schedule your waterproofing job, or you can book online through our site.

Thanks for choosing us.