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Revamp Your Fireplace With Glass Doors & Other Accessories

Looking to achieve a fresh, new look for your fireplace in 2019? Our team can help! There are a number of ways to revamp your aesthetic when you work with the crew at Lords Chimney. We’ll listen to your vision and make suggestions accordingly, so you get exactly what you’re hoping for. We’ll also work with your budget to ensure you get everything you want at a price that works well for you. One thing’s for sure – your guaranteed satisfaction! Talk with us about your options today.

Add Glass DoorsRevamp this  new year with glass doors and other fireplace accessories

Glass doors can make the perfect addition to any fireplace. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, ensuring you find a compatible fit to your home’s decor, and they provide a number of benefits. For instance, they’ll block any stray sparks and embers from flying out and landing on your rugs, curtains, or furniture.

They also work to seal off your firebox when it isn’t in use, decreasing air loss from your home and keeping your energy bills right where you want them to be. Drafts won’t get in and your nice, cool air conditioning won’t get out. It’s a win-win all around!

Have A New Mantel Installed

Buying a new mantel is another great way to change the look of your fireplace without having to invest in major reconstruction work. There are tons of different routes you can take as far as style. You’re sure to find something that matches your vision perfectly! Our crew is happy to help you out, so don’t hesitate to call today to discuss your options. We’ll have you set up right in no time!

Invest In Some Of Our Many Accessories

No matter which type of fuel you use or what your fireplace looks like, we have accessories that are sure to fit in perfectly with the atmosphere you’re trying to create in your home. If you run a gas appliance, consider investing in some gas logs or fireplace surround. Have a wood-burning unit? Ask us about our log baskets, totes, buckets, racks, and more. We also carry fireplace grates and fireplace screens. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re certain we can provide it!

Schedule An Inspection Today

Revamping the style and look of your fireplace won’t do any good if it doesn’t function efficiently when you need it to. Ensure everything is running well by calling in our team for an inspection. You deserve peace of mind this winter knowing everything is safer for regular use and in tip-top shape. Give our team a call today, so that we can set you up with an appointment. We make safety a priority, and we never fail to put your needs first! We’re eager to hear from you soon.

How Do I Light My Fireplace?

Are you excited to start lighting up fires this holiday season, but find yourself struggling to get any flames going strong? This is a common issues for fireplace owners, but there are some great tips and tricks out there to ensure you get a better burn every single time. Get the heat and comfort you deserve this season by reading some of our advice below!

Selecting The Right Firewoodhow to properly light your fireplace

Now, before you light any wood, you need to ensure it is well seasoned. This means it has been adequately dried out for at least six months and most of the water has had a chance to evaporate. When choosing pieces to light, look for ones that are dark and split at the ends. The less fresh the piece looks and smells, the better!

Seasoned wood is also lighter in weight and makes a hollow, clunking noise when smacked together. Stick to these guidelines and your fires should be stronger, warmer, and less smoky all season long!

Choose Your Fire-Building Method

There are various ways to build a fire, so it’s all about finding what method works best for you. One common option is the teepee method. You’ll start with a pile of tinder (dry leaves, wood shavings, etc.) in the middle of your firebox. Next, get some kindling, which will consist of small twigs and branches, and form a teepee around the tinder. Finally, place your bigger logs in their own teepee formation around everything else. All that’s left to do is light up your tinder, and let the flames spread!

There’s also a method known as the log cabin lay, which starts out the same as a teepee, then switches up a bit when you start laying your bigger logs down. Instead of forming an additional teepee at the end, you instead take your biggest pieces and lay them on either side of the structure. You then lay two more pieces on top of those, but on the opposite sides of the teepee. Continue this pattern with smaller and smaller pieces of wood (until you have a pyramid shape), light your kindling, and you’re all set!

The last method we’d like to highlight is the top-down burn, which has grown more popular in recent years. Rather than start off with the kindling, this method involves you to put the largest pieces of wood down first with the ends at the front and the back of the firebox. Then, pile on around 5 more rows of wood, each one utilizing smaller and smaller pieces. Finally, add the kindling and the tinder. Once your stack is complete, light up the tinder and let it burn!

Like we’ve said, there are lots of ways to build a fire, and we’re just focusing on the more popular options. If none of these work well for you, just keep trying out techniques! We’re certain you’ll soon find one that works, guaranteeing countless cozy evenings in this winter.

Schedule An Inspection Today

Now, no matter how well your fire-building skills are, you’ll never get a safe or efficient burn if your fireplace and chimney are not clean and well-maintained. Count on our CSIA certified team to check things over for you today!