Having your dryer vent cleaned can increase the efficiency of your dryer and, more importantly, prevent house fires. You should have a dryer vent cleaning performed by professionals at least once a year to avoid an excessive build up of lint, but checking your dryer hose a few times over the course of a year can help you to detect and remove dangerous blockages. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 72 percent of all dryer fires result from unclean drier venting systems. Lords Chimney specializes in dryer vent cleaning services and will clean and repair your dryer vent system in order to prevent house fires and carbon monoxide leaks and so that you have a more efficient dryer.


Because lint build-up blocks dryer exhaust from escaping through the hose and out of your house, your dryer will run less efficiently. You will notice that your clothing takes longer to dry and that the room with the dryer in it becomes more humid when the dryer is running. The dryer as well as your clothing may become hotter, and you may even notice the smell of something burning. Outside your home, the vent flap or flaps may not open all the way when the dryer is on, indicating that the exhaust is exiting the dryer slowly. All of these occurrences are signs that it is time to have your dryer vent system cleaned, although it is better to have these things cleaned before such signs of dryer inefficiency are evident.

Professionals at Lords Chimney will clean the parts of the venting system that you can’t get to. They are trained to thoroughly clean the drier vents as well as to detect any problems that need to be addressed. They even have special cameras to take a closer look at the insides of your vents. Not only that, but they have the technology to measure the air flow in the venting system so they can be sure that your home is safe and that your dryer is working efficiently.

Professionals at Lords Chimney will also make sure that your venting system is set up in a safe and efficient way. Many times driers are not set up along the exterior of the house, meaning that the venting ducts between the drier and the outside of the house are long. This not only makes the venting system more difficult to clean, but it can also mean that your drier runs inefficiently. Professionals at Lords Chimney can analyze your venting system based on the angles of the ducts, their lengths, and the number of curves and then use this information to make suggestions for a system if possible that will allow for greater efficiency and less build up of lint. Furthermore, they will check to make sure that your system is installed correctly, checking that the ducts are connected correctly.

Once Lords Chimney has fully serviced your venting systems, your home will feel safer and cleaner!