Own a Rumford Fireplace Image - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyLords Chimney takes pride in promoting the best fireplace options around. If you are in the market for a new fireplace, we would suggest investing in a Rumford. A Rumford fireplace heats more effectively, while portraying the classic beauty that every homeowner desires. When it comes to high-efficiency and all around satisfaction, this design cannot be beat. Guests will comment on your great taste, while enjoying themselves by a cozy fire. Learn more below!

About The Creator

Benjamin Thompson was born in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1753. He spent the majority of his life working for the Bavarian government, and he eventually received the title “Count of the Holy Roman Empire.” He was widely knowledgeable in heating and worked tirelessly to see how he could make fireplaces run more efficiently. His new design and his essays regarding it are now being studied and applied to fireplaces everywhere.

Popular Throughout Time

Rumford fireplaces go way back and have been used in countless homes ever since the late 1700s. They are designed to send smoke up the chimney and out of the home, while preserving large amounts of heat. Since maintaining warmth was (and continues to be) a struggle for fireplace owners everywhere, this concept was truly revolutionary.

The popularity of Rumford’s design spread and was even promoted by some famous names, including Thomas Jefferson and Henry David Thoreau. Their widespread approval intrigued individuals all throughout the area and people were highly impressed with Rumford’s insight. Everyone wanted to take advantage of this ingenious design and they became a staple in homes everywhere.

Unfortunately, the concept died out when inconsistencies began to appear. People continuously misinterpreted the design and there was no true definition as to what qualified a fireplace as a Rumford. No one seemed to be able to grasp the concept that Rumford intended, meaning any new units did not work as they were supposed to. This confusion led to their decline and homeowners chose to invest in products that proved to be more stable in their designs.

Making A Comeback

Despite their drop in popularity, Rumfords are now making a comeback. Modern manufacturers are diving into Rumford’s old essays in an effort to master this more efficient design. Now, people are recognizing the brilliance and beauty of these fireplaces once again, and sweeps everywhere are hearing more requests than ever for Rumfords.

If this sounds like the right investment for your home, contact the professionals at Lords Chimney. We specialize in installations and our customers will assure you that our top of the line services and professional approach cannot be beat. We have been serving residents in this area for 10 years, and we can help you out, too. Give us a call today!