A mantel is a shelf that sits above your fireplace, and it is typically made from stone, marble, tile, granite, or limestone. Because fireplaces are such a focal point, the mantel helps to highlight your design tastes and decor itself.

Adding Function & Beauty To Your Home

New mantel for your home

Fireplace mantels look great on their own, and they are also great for holding books and other decorative items. Some can even be designed to give you extra storage space! There is no shortage of design choices. When you work with us, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home in a hurry.

A fireplace without a mantel simply looks incomplete, and by investing in a style option you love, you get the satisfaction you deserve for the long haul. So, what’s your vision? Let us make it a reality, so you can have the fireplace and mantel you have always wanted. We love bringing your dreams to life!

Importance Of Safe, Professional Installation

If you want to guarantee your mantel is installed correctly, then call on our team today. An incorrectly installed mantel might not meet required codings and regulations. We would hate to see a minor mishap result in the injury of a family member.

Count on Lords Chimney from the very start to get high-quality and safer results every single time. Our sweeps are CSIA trained and certified, so you can rest easier – we know our stuff! We’ll get the job done right, so you can enjoy your beautiful new look with peace of mind.

Work With Us Now

With spring and summer just around the corner, now is the time to call in our team of experts. Our busy season is coming to an end, giving us more time and freedom to put our energy into whatever it is you need to be done. We will get it all set up right so that, come next fall, you can use your fireplace with the peace, joy, and comfort you and your family deserve.

And, while we’re at it, why not get your yearly inspection and sweeping done, too? Our sweeps are more than qualified to handle any and all of your repairs and regular maintenance, so don’t hesitate to call us in for whatever it is you need to be done. We are always happy to help, and providing homeowners throughout the Houston area with the fireplace of their dreams is what we do best!

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