At Lords Chimney, we love telling you all about our awesome products. We only sell what we believe in and, with a crew full of CSIA certified sweeps, you can rest easy trusting in us! Today, we’re here to promote Heatshield, which is used to repair and restore your chimney liners. But before we get into its reliable and dependable nature, let’s explain just why having a well-functioning chimney liner is so important for your fireplace’s health.

About Chimney Liners

There are a few main reasons why chimney liners play such a significant role in your chimney’s overall functioning. One is their ability to protect the interior parts of your chimney. The mortar and brickwork in your liner can’t withstand the intense heat that your fireplace produces, causing them to deteriorate and melt as fires are lit. With a durable liner in place, you won’t have to worry about things breaking down anytime soon!

Chimney liners also help protect your home. When you’re working with fire and heat, you need to ensure adjacent woodwork and roofing materials don’t become an easy target for stray flames. And you’d be surprised how fast these things can ignite! Keep your home safer and avoid a potential house fire by having us check your liner out as soon as possible.

Lastly, chimney liners help ensure proper functioning and good airflow. When it comes to getting the most out of your fireplace, there’s no doubt that the airflow plays a major role! Unfortunately, liners that are sized incorrectly inhibit optimal performance. Along with this, bad drafting can lead to creosote and debris build-up, which can clog things up and lead to chimney fires.

What Does Heatshield Do?

Heatshield is what we use when a full relining isn’t necessary. Often times, homeowners will only need some repair work done on their liner and, when these damages are caught early enough, we can help save you some money and patch them up fast, without having to tear apart your interior system.

Heatshield is specially formed to patch up any openings in your liner, so that you can rest easy every time you go to use your fireplace. It comes with a 20-year limited warranty, so you know it’s a product that you can depend on! Also, one of the best parts about Heatshield is that it is environmentally-friendly, so you don’t have to stress that either.

After we’re done with the job, we’ll use our special cameras to give you an accurate look inside of your system. You’ll be able to see firsthand just how great your chimney’s interior now looks! When it comes to your chimney liner, putting off repairs is never a good idea. Count on Heatshield and our CSIA certified team to help you out today – we look forward to your call! Contact us today!