Why Do I Need A Sweeping?

Every chimney need maintenance before the start of the burning season, but many homeowners choose to opt out. Why? Well, some blame time constraints or budget issues, but the truth is a lot of people just simply forget to schedule a inspection and a cleaning.

Unfortunately, this triggers a lot of issues down the line, making one’s home less safe. Learn more about the hazards involved by reading below, then contact our team to get an appointment on the books today. We take pride in making homes all throughout the area as safe as possible year after year!

Risk Of House & Chimney Fires

fireplace with a cozy fire When you neglect to schedule an annual sweeping, a substance called creosote builds up in your system’s interior. Creosote comes in a few different forms – light and flaky, sticky and tar-like, or hard and glossy. Creosote is also very flammable. When a lot of it accumulates inside your chimney, you face an increased risk of experiencing a chimney fire.

The intense heat from a chimney fire can trigger a lot of damage throughout your chimney. Your brickwork and mortar will weaken significantly, and holes and cracks will form throughout your chimney structure. This obviously makes it quite dangerous to light fires, as flames and fumes can easily escape through these openings into your living space.

Unfortunately, chimney fires aren’t typically loud and obvious, like most people assume. Many people have continued using a damaged chimney because they don’t realize anything has occurred! This is another reason why you should get an inspection and cleaning scheduled with the professionals. Call today to work with our qualified, confident, and professional team.

Is Your Chimney Ready For The Holidays?

If you’re eager to light fires for Thanksgiving and Christmas, then let us come and check for repairs and build up. We’ll ensure everything is in tip-top shape and ready to go, so you can light fires with confidence and peace of mind. Your guests and family members will appreciate the extra comfort, too!

The team at Lords Chimney takes your safety seriously. We love serving customers all throughout the area, and we’re certain there is no better team to trust with your chimney and fireplace than us. We strive to stay educated on all of the latest techniques and technologies in the field. Our certifications with the CSIA and the NFI help us stay up-to-date on everything we need to know to keep your chimney in the best shape possible.

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to help you with all of your chimney and fireplace needs!

Is It Normal That My Fireplace Smells Like A Campfire?

A crackling fire makes for a beautiful and cozy aesthetic for any living space. However, if your chimney is stinky, it can ruin the atmosphere of your whole house fast! If you’re less than impressed with the odors coming from your fireplace, we’re certain our team is here to help. As the burning season draws near along with upcoming holidays, we’re certain you want your fireplace to ready for it. Call Lord’s Chimney today to set up your appointment.

Is There Excess Creosote In Your Flue?

Is It Normal That My Fireplace Smells Like A Campfire - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyA big cause of bad odors is excess creosote throughout your chimney and flue. Creosote is known for having an unpleasant smell, and it’s not uncommon for these odors to come down your chimney and enter your home, especially on humid days. In this case, a thorough cleaning helps tremendously. Once the job is done, your home will smell better and you’ll have a lower risk for chimney fires, since creosote is highly flammable.

As you prepare for the holidays, minimize creosote accumulation by burning smarter. You can do this by picking and using well-seasoned firewood. Wood that has been properly cured for at least 6 months is always beneficial. As properly cured woods causes less creosote accumulation when used. Proper air flow also helps to keep creosote levels at bay, and it produces a more comfortable atmosphere when burning. We can also inspect your system to ensure your damper is in good condition and no excess debris is clogging your flue. Call today to learn more!

Have You Checked For Animals?

Animal entry is another big cause of bad odors. You should look out for signs of birds and woodland creatures. Their feces is known for stinking things up in a hurry, and if they pass away inside of your chimney, bad smells are surely present. If this is an issue, you must first remove the critters, then ask us to install a chimney cap. This is an easy and affordable way to keep your system free from pests, and it also stops water from entering, too!

Let Us Take A Look

The best way to evaluate the unpleasant smells inside your chimney is to call our experts. The CSIA recommends investing in at least one chimney inspection per year. So if you haven’t scheduled yours yet, get on the phone with our experts right now! We will get to work right away to ensure everything is running safely for your upcoming burning season!

Preparing For Winter & The Holiday Season

As the cool weather approaches, it’s wise to ensure you home is ready for potentially harsh weather conditions. Winter in Texas is fairly mild, but this doesn’t mean we don’t get storms and cold days, so it’s always best to be prepared. Investing in extra insulation, stocking up on supplies and weatherstripping are all good practices to implement as temperatures start to drop.

Don’t forget to ensure your fireplace and chimney are ready too. On cold nights, lighting a fire and relaxing with family is wonderful, and there’s no doubt that a crackling flame sets the perfect aesthetic for any holiday gathering. Call the experienced and certified team at Lords Chimney now, to ensure you’re ready to tackle fall and winter this year. We’re eager to help you!

Schedule An Inspection

Preparing For Winter & The Holiday Season - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyAn inspection is always recommended before the beginning of each burning season. The CSIA recommends scheduling at least one inspection per year to ensure your chimney system is ready to operate. This is a simple step to help keep your appliance functioning more efficiently and to keep your family safe.

Invest In Necessary Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

Once we’ve assessed your chimney, we’ll be able to offer advice on the best solutions to necessary repairs, cleanings, and regular maintenance. If cracks or crumbling have developed in your structure, it’s vital to have these issues addressed immediately to prevent further damage. This type of deterioration could easily lead to bigger problems, and it could put you and your loved ones at risk of experiencing chimney fires, house fires, gas leaks, and more.

You’ll also want address all water damage to your masonry chimney. If bad weather occur, an unprotected masonry chimney can face all kinds of issues. Your brickwork is very absorbent, meaning moisture easily soak in and start to cause decay and deterioration. Water could easily enter your chimney to trigger clogs, leaks, and other damage.

We offer all types of repair and reconstruction work, along with an array of other solutions to protect your chimney. This include chimney waterproofing, chimney cap installation, flashing repair, and more. Once we’re through, you’ll be able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable holiday season next to your fireplace. It’s worth the investment to protect your home and family, so call our crew today!

Don’t Skimp On Maintenance Down The Line

Guarantee your chimney and fireplace is in great shape by counting on our team. No matter the weather, we can help you! Get in touch with us now – we’re ready to serve you!

Does Your Chimney Need Extensive Repair Work?

When asked about the condition of their chimney, many homeowners look things over and quickly assume everything is fine. Unfortunately, most repair work is not very obvious. This means a quick glance by someone who’s not trained won’t offer much insight. Yet, there are steps you can take to ensure everything is running smoothly before the fall burning season kicks off.

Schedule An Inspection

Does Your Chimney Need Extensive Repair Work - Houston TX - Lords ChimneyFirst, you’ll need an chimney inspection. Our sweeps are CSIA certified and trained, so you can rest easy knowing your chimney is in good hands. Our professionals have the skills and experiences to fully examine and diagnose your chimney. At Lord’s Chimney, we use special video scanning equipment to thoroughly get a close up look of every inch of your chimney.

The CSIA recommends investing in an annually chimney inspection, and now is a great time. In addition, if repairs or sweepings are necessary, it gives our professionals plenty of time to get your fireplace back to working condition. Often times, the materials we use for repair and restoration need time to properly cure.

Now it’s the perfect time to schedule an inspection since fall is our busy season. We are fairly busy in the fall, and we would hate to see you without a fireplace this fall and winter. Call us now to get started on your chimney inspections and repairs.

Avoid Further Damages

Scheduling early is always a good idea for avoiding the rush! Any damage your chimney is experiencing now will only get worse the longer you put off repair work. This puts your home and family at serious risk, so let our professionals help you now! Water damage is one of the worst kind of damage to your chimney. As moisture seeps into your brickwork and mortar, materials break down rapidly, increasing the potential of your chimney for a settlement or collapse.

There are lots of ways to prevent water damage to your chimney. Let us check your flashing, chimney cap, and chimney crown to ensure your fireplace is safe for use. Then, we can apply waterproofing to your chimney for even more protection.

Another issue we come across is excessive creosote buildup. Creosote and other debris can easily break down your chimney. It’s known to cause clogs, which can trigger gas leaks, smoke backup, and carbon monoxide. In addition, more creosote in your fireplace means higher risk of a chimney fire.

Call The Professionals

When it comes to the well being of your family,  it’s not worth taking any chances. Call our team at 281-497-4000 today to restore the function and beauty of your chimney!